My October Life

Hello everyone! Today, I’m sharing a few life updates with you!

I have a few fun updates so let’s get into it!


The House Hunt

I went to seven open houses this month. It was crazy how many there were! At this point I still struggle with deciding if I do want to buy now or continue to wait another two or so years. When I see a house I really like the FOMO is so real!!!

I did see one this past weekend that I really, really liked. I think it would be perfect but I just don’t know if I want to try to put in an offer considering I really wasn’t planning to until at least next year! Also, it’s in a town I wasn’t considering at all! How funny how these things go!

Vaccines, Voting, and Other Quick Notes

I thought I’d put these all together since they would be quite fast to update on.

First up, I got my COVID booster and flu shot! Finally! I’d put off the COVID booster in the summer as I’d heard the fall would have a better one but then kept forgetting to actually schedule it! I finally did get around to it, scheduled it for my parents too, and then added my flu shot too. I really didn’t have any symptoms, unlike previous shots. Really all I had was sore arms (the COVID arm was more sore than the flu arm but still less sore than I have experienced before) and I was pretty tired overall. Love that for me!

I also voted! Election day is in November but I prefer to go vote early. It was a breeze and I always enjoy the early voting option!

Quick note – it’s so hard to find marigolds! I wanted some for my Day of the Dead alter but couldn’t find any! I ended up getting some other colorful flowers and I hope my ancestors understand!

Quick note – my grandfather did have a pretty scary health emergency this past month. For privacy reasons I don’t want to say to much but I did want to bring it up as it was really stressful and tough on the entire family. Luckily his surgery went well, he was back home within a few days, and he is recovering well. I’m so thankful for that!

Quick note – I took a few fun classes this month! First, I took an ASL class at my local public library! It was a lot of fun and I learned that I’d been doing some signs wrong! I’m mostly self taught so it was nice to get some instructions on how to do it right. I also did a yoga class at the library! It was meant to be for beginners so it was pretty easy but it was still so nice. Also the instructor was the same woman who did some sunrise yoga classes over the summer at a local beach, so that was pretty cool! Oh, one more, I also did an abstract painting class at the library too. It was pretty fun but my project was definitely ambitious, so I did not get anywhere close to finishing it. But I had a great time doing it and trying something new!

Quick note – okay I went back and forth on if I should include this one or not so I’m just going to add it in here. I have met a lovely man on an online dating app and… It’s going pretty well! As someone who has never dated, it’s been really wild thus far but so fun and I’m loving this for me.

So that’s all my fun updates for you for the month! Hope everyone had a great October!

Thanks for reading!


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