My Monthly Challenge Update Pt. 9: Goodbye Journaling, Hello Outside

My Monthly Challenge Update Pt. 9: Goodbye Journaling, Hello Outside

Hello everyone! Today, I’m sharing my update on how my monthly challenge went last month and what my plans are for my new goal!

Now, I need to start out by explaining this monthly challenge thing! So, every month I pick a new challenge and try to make it something that I can do every day. Sometimes I succeed, sometimes I fail, but I always give it my best effort and honestly, isn’t that what it’s all about? If you missed the previous challenges, here they are:

January – Daily Yoga

February – Write a Short Story Every Day

March – Daily Workouts

April – Drink More Water

May – Daily Blogging

June – Daily Training

July – Reading

August – Mindfulness

September – Journaling

Oh, I should mention that they are linked as their “hello” post introducing each challenge, so if you want to read about how daily yoga went in January after the challenge ended, you actually need to click the next month, which would be February. Anyway, onto the update and new goal!

September’s Monthly Challenge – Journaling

So last month I wanted to spend time journaling everyday. For the most part, I did keep up with my bullet journal, my most common form of journaling. It was great! I didn’t go full out with a separate journal, but it went pretty well overall. I do think that I could have probably made more of an effort for a full journal, but I just wasn’t feeling that.

I really enjoyed spending more time with my bujo. I feel like after doing it for almost three years, it was finally losing it’s novelty, but I did try a few new ideas and it really got me excited for setting up next year’s journal too!

October’s Monthly Challenge – Spend Time Outdoors

My new goal will be to spend time outdoors. I (still) live in northern Illinois and probably will for a few more years. My goal is to spend as much time outdoors while I still can before it becomes unbearably cold out! Unfortunately, it has already really dipped in temperature, much faster than I expected, so I’m off to a terrible start!

I do still plan to do what I can though. Foxy will still get his walkies, I hope to opt for more walks in general, and I’ve already brought out my sweaters so I can bundle up a bit more!

So those are my updates on my challenges! Let me know what your goals are for this month, I’d love to know!

Thanks for reading!


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