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My September Life

Hello everyone! Today, I’m sharing a bit about my life this month!

My September Life featured image

This one will be a bit all over the place, I think! It almost feels like my Mexico trip was eons ago already! But it was this month so this month was crazy!



I started the month in Mexico! I had a really fun week in Acapulco, another fun week in a small town near Morelia, and then a few days here and there in Mexico City. I really enjoyed the trip, and I shared a bit about it in my 2022 Mexico Vacation post! I am so, so grateful that I was able to go on this vacation. I hadn’t felt comfortable traveling for fun in the pandemic until now, and plus I needed to earn enough hours for my time off! And it wasn’t just that I enjoyed the beach and sightseeing. I just really enjoyed seeing some family members too. I have a 93-year-old grandfather and so it’s super important to me to see him from time to time while I can. He’s the only living grandparent I have, so I’m grateful for the time I do have with him.


There were quite a few things that went on at home to share too! For one, I decided to move my home office out of the spare bedroom and into the mostly empty game room. We’ve never used that space for anything and when I created a home office I did claim the spare bedroom because it was a quiet spot of the house and it’d be out of the way. I mostly created it for studying when I went back to school for my MBA, hence why I wanted it to be quiet. Now, I work from home every day and have been for over a year. So for me, it was getting to be really isolating being in the quiet corner of the house. Now, I’m more centrally located in the house, more accessible, and it’s just a different view. I’m really liking my new set up!

Since I moved everything out of the spare room, I also decluttered a little bit! Mostly books, which I’ve dropped off to be sold at a local store that buys and sells used books. I also decluttered a ton of stuff I think I can sell at next year’s garage sale!

I also went to an open house recently! I really loved the house. It was a two bedroom, one bathroom home with a detached garage, nice little yard, and a backroom that could be used as an office or third bedroom. I was so tempted to put in an offer to see what happened but in the end decided not to as it was in a town that I wouldn’t enjoy living in. But the house itself was lovely and exactly what I was looking for, so hoping to find another similar home in a different town!


So work wise life is good! Got back from my vacation and everything had survived without me just fine. I have since been busy with creating fake event materials for a training day that I keep pretending is an actual work conference in Lake Tahoe for my coworkers. It started as a joke when we were pretending to pick a location for the training day as a “retreat” and then the joke just sort of continued. I have made flyers “announcing” the “speakers” (myself and my coworkers LOL), created a “registration and housing” website (a Google form where everyone could put in the name of their “session” and select their preferred suite), and created name badges for everyone! It’s been fun honestly, and I’ve loved doing it.

I’ve also been assigned a new client that is a little different than what I am used to. I’ll be handing nine events for the client, if the contract is finalized, and it would involve travel to three of those events. I’m really excited for the travel and I do hope it does go through. Two of the cities aren’t new to me, but still exciting and the third is one I’m super excited about and has been on my travel list for forever!

So that’s actually all I have! I could go on forever about other stuff, but I figured those are the biggest updates!

Thanks for reading!


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