One Year with Fox

One Year with Fox

Hello everyone! Today I thought I’d share a little update one year after adopting my dog, Fox.

If you’ve been following along so far with Foxy’s life as my pup, you’ll know it’s been a JOURNEY! He’s come a really long way though and I’m so proud of his progress. He really is the best dog in the world.

One Year with Fox

I adopted Fox last September, and it’s crazy to think how fast the year has gone by. When I adopted Foxy I knew so little about him! From what the shelter said, he’d had at least two homes before mine, he’d shown some food aggression with high value treats, and had been a beloved pet of his former home until they could no longer care for him. A few months later, he still wasn’t fully potty trained (which his former family did disclose that he used to regularly potty in the house), knew next to no commands (okay that was my fault, I didn’t know how to train him!), and had bitten a family member.

I posted how I’d signed my dog up for “therapy” or behavioral training. And that has made all the difference! Honestly, I expected him to be much more like my puppy niece, who is a sweet baby angel and incredibly easy to train. But he is different and needed more to train. The therapist introduced me to clicker training with treats and that worked miracles. I’ve been working with him for months now and he’s a totally different dog!

Foxy now LOVES training sessions. He thinks of them as a game where he gets yummy treats. He actually will beg for training sessions constantly by staring at me until he gets my attention, then sitting and going into a down right away. It’s as if he’s saying “hey mom, look at my tricks! Let’s play!” The family member he bit? They are the best of friends now! Literally Foxy will ditch me SO fast to hang out with his victim grandpa. We still spoil him way too much with people food but he is so sweet and loving now.

Another thing we’ve noticed is that he used to be super angry. Even his face seemed to be permanently angry. And now he’s much calmer. When he does get annoyed at us, he lets us know by going to a specific corner of the house, which we find so amusing. He also just wants to be with us. He loves to be outside so sometimes we’ll put his harness and leash on, tie him to a patio chair, and he just hangs out there until he’s ready to come in. He usually barks to ask to be let him. But if he feels we’re taking too long to get him he has slipped out of his harness and then waited at the patio door! What a silly boy! (We’ve since had to tighten up the harness.)

He still has a lot to learn, but he’s been the most amazing dog so far. I’m so glad Foxy came into my life!

So that’s a quick update on Foxy!

Thanks for reading!


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