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My 2022 Mexico Vacation: Acapulco and Morelia

Hello everyone! Today, I wanted to share some photos of my recent vacation to Mexico!

mexico vacation featured image

Recently, I spent two weeks in Mexico. I actually scheduled posts to go up while I was gone and meant to write a new post right away when I got back, but that didn’t happen! So I did skip Wednesday’s post but I’m back now!

My 2022 Mexico Vacation: Acapulco

So let’s start with the first part of my trip. I made my way to Acapulco! This wasn’t my first time in Acapulco, as I’d been there before as a child and again six years ago, but it was a whole new experience for me anyway! During the past visits I’d stayed at hotels along the sea but this time I was invited to stay with a friend of my aunt’s. My aunt has a disability so she needs someone to accompany her often, especially on vacation! My aunt’s friend (who also has the same disability) had invited her ages ago and it just so happened that my mom and I would be in Mexico and had an errand to run in Acapulco, so it all worked out! Here’s some pictures of that portion of the trip but there are more posted on my Instagram (StarringPamela).

My 2022 Mexico Vacation: Morelia

The second half of the vacation took place in Morelia, or rather a small town near Morelia. While it was really cool to spend time in Acapulco, my main reason for going to Mexico was to visit my grandfather. I hadn’t seen him in two years, since my last trip was right before the pandemic and I hadn’t felt comfortable traveling for fun until now, so I was excited to have the chance to go again. I also just wanted to see family in general! So I spent my second week in Mexico in his home in the small town, but did venture out to Morelia too as I had a few errands to run there as well. Oh, and I finally went back into the cathedral in Morelia! It’s a gorgeous building and I love going, but the last few times I went to Morelia’s city center I’d skipped the cathedral upon realizing a protest was moving into the area. As a general rule, I avoid protests, home and away. This time I was able to visit though! There were also a few days here and there that were spent in Mexico City, but this time I really didn’t spend to much time there outside of airports/bus terminals to be honest. Also, it was super cool to be in Mexico in the weeks leading up to the Fiestas Patrias, or their independence day celebrations. Like Fourth of July in the US, Mexico celebrates and goes all out for their Fiestas Patrias, so seeing the decorations and national pride was super cool. Again, more photos are on my Insta!

So that’s some photos on my recent vacation! Now I’m home again, blogging again, and working on earning more PTO for the next trip!

Thanks for reading!


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