My August Life

Hello everyone! This month has been busy, with a bunch of random stuff popping up. I’ll be sharing some highlights here for you!

Here we go!


Garage Sale

After a few years hiatus due to the global panini, we hadn’t had a community wide garage sale in a few years. This year my subdivision finally had one! Since I was working on Friday, my parents ran the entire thing on their own. Both my sister and I had given stuff to my mom to put out for us, but of course it was so chaotic she forgot! So instead I took out a bunch of stuff on Saturday. I honestly didn’t expect stuff to sell but they did! Stuff I thought were garbage sold quickly and stuff I thought was amazing really didn’t. I sold an old Elsa costume I bought a few years ago, some old video games for PS2 which I don’t own anymore, and even some old CDs from literal years ago. We made a ton of money though, so that was cool and my dad even sold stuff out of the garage that he didn’t plan to sell, but someone asked and he jumped on the opportunity!

It was a little hard as someone had to be inside with the pups. At the time my puppy niece was still at the house so we’d take turns hanging out with them. Also, we kept running out of stuff outside so we’d take turns running in to find more that we could set out for sale.

The garage sale was supposed to happen on Sunday too, but the day was incredibly rainy and dreadful, so we opted out!

Dogs Update

Camp Cuddles

My puppy niece did eventually go home, which made me quite sad! I was happy that my little dog was allowed to run around care free again and that I was able to spend time with him again, but I adore my puppy niece too, so I missed her! Anyway, Foxy would just bark at the customers of the garage sale so he was not allowed outside with us, but my puppy niece was able to join us for a bit!

Dog Sitting Again!

This month, I ended up dog sitting again! One of my friends at work ended up recently adopting a dog, but both she and her significant other were traveling and overlapped on one night. I volunteered to watch her pup at her place because I’m the BESTEST friend anyone could ever have, obviously. Anyway, she loved the idea and so I drove down to be with the pup for the night. It was great! I’ll call the dog “L”. L was a lovely boy. He is quite a bit bigger than Foxy, so it was crazy how much different they were, but it was a great time and L was such a good boy. We managed to avoid accidents in the house, got a few walks in, and snuggled on the couch. He did wake me up at 5am barking to be let out of his crate but otherwise he was pretty well-behaved. He was also really good at reminding me to take breaks because he wanted pets. 10/10 good boy.


And now, for my own pup’s update! Foxy has been fabulous. I ended up finding two different boarding options for him and went with the one where he would be staying in a house with less dogs around rather than a full on boarding facility. I toured the boarding facility and I loved it but I felt Foxy wouldn’t. So I asked his therapist who recommended a woman who boards at her own home. I still don’t love the idea of boarding him, but it was the best option for him. He also went to the vet for his annual check up and vaccines, and he was a good boy! The vet said he was perfectly well-behaved and, while he was scared at first, he quickly realized the vet tech would give him plenty of scratches and he calmed down. He behaved for having his ears checked, getting his ear drops, getting his vaccines, and everything! I love that!

As for tricks, I’ve tried to teach him stand up, which he technically does know but he doesn’t always want to do it. He’s a stubborn boy! We’re getting there though. We’re also working on “push-ups” where he sits, lays down, sits up, lays down, etc. He gets the sit, lay down, and then stands up, so not quite there. I also found a kid’s play tunnel for him, and I was so excited as he loved the tunnel at his old training class. Unfortunately, he hates the new tunnel! It was heartbreaking. I’m hoping he just needs to get used to it though.

That’s all for now! Let me know what you’ve been up to in August if you’d like!

Thanks for reading!


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