Fox's Summer Adventures Pt. 3 (& Camp Cuddles) Featured Image

Fox’s Summer Adventures Pt. 3 (& Camp Cuddles)

Hello everyone! Today, I thought I’d share the 3rd installment of my dog’s summer adventures!

Fox's Summer Adventures Pt. 3 (& Camp Cuddles) Featured Image

This one is extra special as my puppy niece also came to stay for a bit so I had two dogs around for awhile! How exciting!

Foxy’s Summer Camp

So while I was in Rhode Island last month, Fox stayed with one of my coworkers (and her boyfriend)! I was a little worried he’d misbehave but he was actually really good. They loved him! He was a really good boy, behaved himself well, and enjoyed his time with them. I do think he was really happy to see us when he got back home, and he really didn’t seem to struggle at all with getting back on his regular schedule.

Camp Cuddles

Last month, my puppy niece came by for Camp Cuddles! My sister needed a sitter so I watched Arya for two weeks. I mostly kept Arya with me and Foxy with his grandparents, because Foxy loves to be downstairs with them while Arya has a strong preference to being with me. Fox did seem to get a bit jealous though, so I did try to switch them out every so often. For the most part, he did well with another dog in the house, but he did bark at her quite a bit when he could see her or hear her crying. But they both slept in my room (Fox in his crate, Arya in her bed on my bed), without any issues.


I thought I’d give an overall update on Fox, as his one year anniversary of his adoption is coming up next month. He’s such a great dog! After the early struggles with him, he’s become an amazing boy. He loves his family, loves the home, and is doing amazing with his training. I do think he is getting separation anxiety but his behavior overall is so much better than before. He is a much happier, patient, loving dog and even a little more active than before!

I am currently searching for a place to leave him when I go on vacation later this month. Long story short, my dog care fell through and the back ups aren’t available, so now I have him booked at a local boarding facility but will probably end up canceling that if I can get him booked at a home boarding place instead. I did tour the boarding facility and personally I loved it and felt it was great, but I don’t think Fox would enjoy it so I hope the home boarding works out.

So that’s Fox’s latest update! I can’t believe we’re coming up on one year. It’s really flown by yet it also feels like he was always a part of the family too.

Thanks for reading!


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