My Monthly Challenge Update Pt. 7: Goodbye Daily Reading, Hello Daily Mindfulness featured image

My Monthly Challenge Update Pt. 7: Goodbye Daily Reading, Hello Daily Mindfulness

Hello everyone! Today, I’m sharing my update on how my monthly challenge went last month and what my plans are for my new goal!

My Monthly Challenge Update Pt. 7: Goodbye Daily Reading, Hello Daily Mindfulness featured image

Now, I need to start out by explaining this monthly challenge thing! So, every month I pick a new challenge and try to make it something that I can do every day. Sometimes I succeed, sometimes I fail, but I always give it my best effort and honestly, isn’t that what it’s all about? If you missed the previous challenges, here they are:

January – Daily Yoga

February – Write a Short Story Every Day

March – Daily Workouts

April – Drink More Water

May – Daily Blogging

June – Dog Training

July – Reading

Oh, I should mention that they are linked as their “hello” post introducing each challenge, so if you want to read about how daily yoga went in January after the challenge ended, you actually need to click the next month, which would be February. Anyway, onto the update and new goal!

July’s Monthly Challenge – Daily Reading

So my goal was to read each day and I did give myself a variety of ways to reach this goal. I wanted to either read from a book (physical, digital, or audio) or read news articles. I do think I met this goal, and pretty creatively I would say!

I did read a ton of books, kept up to date on the news, and even read the daily newspaper that was written at the event I traveled to for work. It was a lot of fun to read the newspaper in particular. I love learning about the events I work on, especially when I am there at the event, so it worked out quite wonderfully! I also really enjoyed reading on the planes, at the airport, when I needed a break exploring Providence, and at home as I recovered from COVID. I did read a ton of really cool things so I’m happy this was my goal during this time. I almost wish I could just keep this one!

August’s Monthly Challenge – Daily Mindfulness

For August, I will be traveling again for part of the month and just have a lot going on, so I really wanted to make sure I had something that wouldn’t need to be packed so this one is one of those abstract sort of goals!

I figured I could use a bit more gratitude in my life, but didn’t want to focus just on that, so I switched to mindfulness! I think that my goal is still to remember to be grateful every day, but also just check in with myself and focus on what I need in the moment. I want it to be not just mental, but physical too. Do I need more water? Exercise? Maybe some yoga? Or maybe I just need to do some writing and journaling for that day. I want to be flexible but present with this goal.

I do want to use a sort of notebook or journal as I start this goal, but will likely transition to digital due to the upcoming travel I have. We shall see!

So those are my updates on my challenges! Let me know what your goals are for this month, I’d love to know!

Thanks for reading!


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