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My July Life 2022

Hello everyone! Today, I wanted to share all my life updates from this past month!

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I had so much going on this month so I’m excited to share all my updates!


Beauty – Make Up & Skin Care



Fourth of July Weekend

So I wanted to mention this because of the Highland Park Shooting. I live in a town close by to Highland Park and would regularly go to Highland Park High School for sports competitions growing up. I’ve also gone for shopping, to go to the Botanical Garden, a book signing, and more. So it was incredibly sad and shocking to hear about this shooting. Highland Park is a very affluent suburb, with a big Jewish and Hispanic population, so it was also an unexpected place for an event like this to happen. It was especially sad to go onto Facebook and see people I am connected to on there saying they or their family members were there. I hate to say it, but it is different when it happens so close to home.

Work – Providence, Rhode Island

I was sent to work onsite for an event earlier this month in Providence, Rhode Island! I want to share another post about Providence so I won’t go on for too long about this trip, but I will say I really enjoyed my time there! Now, my actual desk hours were pretty good actually, so after hours I was able to explore quite a bit! I wasn’t able to really go too far, as I was still kind of “on call” even if I wasn’t at the onsite desk, but I still got to see quite a few places around the downtown area. Fun fact, the featured image has a picture I took during the partial WaterFire event in Providence that occurred while I was there!

The event itself went pretty well! I would say I didn’t have anything really major come up, but I had a lot of random things. It wasn’t nothing I couldn’t handle on my own, but it was still really weird the kind of things that came up. I had a good time working at the event though!


So, I finally got COVID… I don’t know exactly where I picked it up, since I was around so many people onsite. But in general I will say it was such a weird situation. So I did work at the onsite desk and then went to the airport to fly home. I normally do pick up flus and colds pretty easily, especially when traveling, so I wasn’t shocked when I started to feel symptoms after getting home. After flying home on a Wednesday I felt fine but then started feeling symptoms so I did take an at-home test on a Friday and tested negative, so I treated it like the flu. And honestly, I’ve had worse flus before, so I really did think it was the flu! Then some workers convinced me to test again the following Tuesday, and it was positive! I kept testing positive Wednesday and Thursday so I skipped dance class that week (although I had attended the week before when I didn’t have symptoms), and I haven’t tested yet this weekend but I’m sure by now it’s negative. I do plan to test today though!

I mentioned I had flu-like symptoms so I thought I’d talk more about that. I had the usual congestion, chills, nausea, tiredness, headache, fever, etc. I mostly just took over the counter medicine for the fever, slept all weekend long, and that’s it! And overall I’d say it was pretty mild compared to what I’ve experienced before. I really do think it wasn’t so bad because I’m double vaccinated and did get one booster (the second booster is still for those age 50+ in my area). Everyone who was around me during this time (after I tested negative but before I tested positive or lives with me) has not had any symptoms and tested negative so thank goodness!

Again, it wasn’t that bad for me, but I do think that’s only because of the vaccinations. Stay up-to-date with those vaccinations!!!

Camp Cuddles

My puppy niece is back! My sister’s roommates were going on a cruise (they are a couple and it was a family trip) and their dog is like mine where she can’t really be boarded. So my sister asked if I could watch Arya, to which I said YES. Arya was meant to be here a week and meant to go home this weekend, but the roommates are now being held up by their own COVID cases, so they are not yet home. Which means, Arya gets to stay with her auntie a bit longer! It is rough, because my dog doesn’t get along with other dogs, so we have to keep the two separated, but Foxy loves spending time with his grandparents while I dog sit Arya, so it’s working out pretty well overall.

And those are my updates for July! I am so excited for August and the adventures to come.

Thanks for reading!


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