Fox's Summer Adventures Pt. 2 featured image

Fox’s Summer Adventures Pt. 2

Hello everyone! Today, I’m sharing an update on Foxy’s summer adventures!

Fox's Summer Adventures Pt. 2 featured image

With summer in full swing and Fox’s leg feeling a lot better, we’re trying to take advantage of the season.

Fox’s Summer Adventures Pt. 2

While Fox enjoyed the beach, the past few times we went were less than pleasant, so we’ve stuck to going just to the forest preserve. (Older picture of him at the forest preserve below!)

Fox's Summer Adventures Pt. 1

With his leg still in mind, we try to take it easy, so I often have to carry him. Plus it’s hotter out and I’m so worried about that! Even with the breaks and carrying him, it’s still a good time! I try to go every Saturday and Sunday morning, and also try to sneak in a few weekday mornings too! I don’t have a set schedule at work, so if I’m a tad “late” it doesn’t really matter much! Plus, I tend to login anytime within a half hour window anyway.

Fox's Summer Adventures Pt. 2

Anyway, we have a good time walking the trails, but we also spend quite some time in our own yard. Foxy has started to just sit out in the yard or on the patio just to hang out. It’s sort of annoying as he will ask to go out just to lay outside and not even go potty if I’m trying to work! Since he’s so small, I’ll just pick him up and carry him back in. But when I’m not working, I tend to let him just hang out!

Fox's Summer Adventures Pt. 2

Another adventure Foxy had was that he met his dog sitters! I realized he would probably not do well with a boarding facility, considering he doesn’t love other dogs, so I found a friend who will watch him! I took him over to the friend’s home so they could meet and he behaved beautifully! He also did so well in the car, which made me super happy in case I ever want to road trip with him.

Fox's Summer Adventures Pt. 2

Another fun update, he got to bark at my puppy niece! Sweet Arya came to visit for a few days and every time Fox saw her, he barked at the poor baby! Arya could care less, since she’s such a chill dog, but Fox would lose his mind. I do wish they got along better!

Fox's Summer Adventures Pt. 2

Another one Foxy’s favorite summer activities though, is all the grilling his grandpa does! So, Foxy does eat people food, which I know he shouldn’t but… his grandparents give him people food anyway! Here he is, looking up at his beloved grandpa, silently pleading with him for food.

I find it hilarious how differently he begs for every member of the family. With Grandma, Fox will cry, yawn loudly, scratch at her, and be overall demanding. With Grandpa, he’ll leave him to last because he is the least likely to give him anything but that’s quickly changing. He’ll just stare intently at Grandpa though, or boop Grandpa’s leg lightly with his nose. With me, he’ll also sit/stare or boop my leg or foot with his nose, but he’ll also stand up and sit over and over again. Since I regularly do training sessions with him, he offers up his tricks a lot in order to ask for food. When he hurt his leg I did stop asking him to sit as much, so he is doing that less but he is getting back into that habit now that he’s feeling better!

So those are some of his fun adventures lately! I love adventuring with my sweet pup and share your ideas if you have any!

Thanks for reading!


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