My June Life

Hello everyone! Today, I’m sharing some fun updates on my life from this past month.

It’s been a really fun month! Well, there have been some not-fun things too, so let’s get into it!


Beauty – Make Up & Skin Care



Fox the Chihuahua’s Life

Fox's Summer Adventures Pt. 1

I’ll start with Foxy’s update, since he’s had a big month too! First, he had a few health things that were not so great. So at the end of last month he had a little bit of an ear infection unfortunately! He did okay with the ear medicine at first, but then he refused to accept his drops anymore after a few days. Luckily, it seemed to clear up anyway with the medicine he did get, but it was still so sad! Then, right at the end of May/start of June he had a hurt leg as he seems to have popped out his knee somehow. I took him to the vet and he actually saw his usual therapist instead of his usual vet (we got the first available appointment and his therapist is also a full vet, she just also specializes in behavioral stuff too). He got some anti-inflamatory meds and I had to hide it in his favorite foods to get him to eat it (cheese, chicken nuggets, mini peanut butter sandwiches, etc.). He’s fine now but he did have to rest plenty and does still favor it a bit.

He also went to therapy at the end of last month and his therapist was thrilled at his progress! I let her know how good he’s been, how much happier he is, and gave us good ideas for more things to include in our training.

Beyond that, he’s also gone on a few more longer hikes (although there was a pause when his knee was hurt) and he also met his future dogsitters recently too!

Camp Cuddles


My puppy niece came to visit! (Older photo of her above.) My sweet, sweet puppy niece Arya came for the weekend with her mom (my sister). She loved her visit, even though my own pup barked at her so much! She’s a super chill dog, so she could care less that Foxy was barking at her, but I felt bad about it! It was so nice to hang out with my sister and the super cuddly Arya!


I have a few fun work updates! First up, I got a laptop for work! Unfortunately, I didn’t get an HDMI cord with the laptop so I wasn’t able to connect it with my other monitors, so I haven’t sent the desktop back yet, but I hope to do so soon. I think work forgot about my HDMI cord so I should follow up on that at some point. Also for work, I took a few random days off! At my job, we can only hoard up to a certain amount of hours before we can’t accumulate more so when my boss gave me the heads up that I was approaching that cap amount, I put in some time off requests! I then told my boss to approve them because it was his fault I was entering them in the first place (nothing like guilt-tripping your boss LOL). Anyway, I took a few random Fridays off over the past month or so, and it was so nice having that extra day off! I did work this past Friday and a coworker said “it’s so weird to have you here on a Friday” LOL. Anyway, I totally get why people take days off regularly over the year, and I love it!


A few random things now! I did go to a Latino Festival sort of thing at my local library! It was so fun. I had seen the schedule for the day and really wanted to go see the folklorico dances that were scheduled so I made sure to go at that time. The event was running a bit behind schedule, which is super on brand for Hispanic people, and so I was there in plenty of time so I signed up for the Summer Reading Challenge while I waited. The dances were so cool to watch and there were people of every age dancing. The kids were so cute to watch! Then, I decided to stay for the musician after and hung out until that started. During that time I did get a popsicle as the library staff was handing them out, watched some people sign up for the Summer Reading Challenge (one little girl started to cry when her mom signed her up which was a little amusing), and then just hung out. The musician was SO GOOD and it was a really good time!

I don’t remember if I shared it in my Lively post so I’ll add it here. Also at the library I went to a class/presentation about making cake pops. Even though it was an adult program, some kids dropped in and politely asked if they could listen too so they were welcomed in. The class was so good and we all really enjoyed it! We even got a cake pop to try afterwards but I gave it to my mom so I didn’t even get to try it! But it was super cool to go to and enjoy.

I also finally remembered to vote! I prefer to do early voting so I finally went in to get it done. When I arrived there was a bit of a line already, since it was literally the last hour of the last day to early vote before the primary election. The election officials were baffled because they had not been busy all day and had been thinking about packing up some stuff early since it wasn’t being used. Luckily they didn’t, as they got that last minute rush! As I was getting my ballot the guy next to me loudly announced that because of “the way gas prices are these days, [he] was voting red”. EYE. ROLL. I requested my Democratic ballot at a normal volume. Anyway, I grabbed my ballet, quickly filled it in, and turned it in so my vote could be counted!

So that was my June! Overall it was pretty good I think, just Foxy’s leg was the big downer at the start of the month! But I do love how the month ended up going overall and have enjoyed it.

Thanks for reading!


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