Spring 2022 Product Empties featured image

Spring 2022 Product Empties

Hello everyone! Today, I thought I’d share my latest empties!

Spring 2022 Product Empties featured image

Although this is maybe half empties and half declutter. I recently went through all my old make up and realized a lot of it is so old it’s probably expired and I wouldn’t put it on my face anyway. Also, some of the items were basically empty?? I think I was keeping it because it maybe had a tiny bit left or because I wanted to remember what shade it was to repurchase it later. Long story short, I don’t wear make up very often anymore so I never repurchased the products! I’ll be sure to share those items as empties and the expired products separately. So here we go!

Spring Product Empties

Spring Product Empties

So I’m sure I’ve thrown out many products, so I no longer remember them and can’t include them! But here are the products that made it into the picture.

  • Love Beauty and Planet Deodorant in Murumuru Sutter & Rose – I liked the scent but I didn’t think the deodorant itself was particularly good. I felt like I would still get sweaty.
  • Colgate Optic White Toothpaste – it was fine! I still prefer the Crest 3D Whitening one though.
  • Secret Antiperspirant – it was fine but I didn’t love it. It also got difficult to use up at the end.
  • Bath & Body Works Anti-bacterial in Paris Amour – it was fine! I didn’t love that it had glitter in it though.
  • Too Faced Hangover Face Primer – I did like it! I don’t think I’d repurchase but it was a good primer.
  • L’Oreal Paris Infallible Pro-Matte in 108 – I remember I liked this product a lot but I feel like it would be too heavy for me now.
  • Almay Straight Up Medium in 300 with SPF 20 – I remember I liked this one too but I do think it’d be too heavy as well now.
  • Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless Foundation – I forgot to write down what shade this was but I’m guessing 220 or 230? I remember having both of those at one point. I did like it but I do think it’s the same as the others. I just think it’d be too heavy for me now!
  • Maybelline Fit Me Concealer – I don’t recall what shade it was but I’m guessing some medium shade! I did like it a lot and actually would repurchase this one.
  • L’Oreal True Match Foundation in Sun Beige W6 with SPF 17 – what a random SPF??? Anyway, I don’t think I ever really liked this one, I was just trying to use it up.
  • Bissu Foundation – I don’t remember the shade but I think it was like 3 out of 6 possible shades? I got this one in Mexico and loved this one. I think I would repurchase it if I had the chance to buy it again.

Spring Product Declutter – Make Up

Spring Product Declutter - Make Up

So these are all items that aren’t really empty but they were opened years ago (pre-pandemic) and are probably way passed expired. So I figured it was time to say goodbye!

  • Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Foundation Sample – I think I got this years ago in one of the many subscription boxes I had at one point! I don’t remember how I felt about it anymore but it was almost gone so I’m guessing I liked it?
  • Kat Von D Lock-it Concealer – I totally got this in a subscription box, probably the Sephora one. I remember I liked it but the shade was way too dark for me so I barely got any use out of it.
  • Maybelline Fit-Me Matte + Poreless Foundation – this must have been my winter shade because it looks super light in the photo! As previously mentioned, I did love it but I think it’d be too heavy for my preferences now.
  • TNGO HD Primer – I got this in Mexico and never really loved it from what I remember. I think it felt too gel-y for me!
  • The Body Shop Vitamin Energising Face Spritz – I do remember I liked it but the spray was so aggressive! I would have preferred a light mist.
  • Covergirl + Olay CC Cream in 142 – I remember this was fine but I had other items I loved more.
  • Soap & Glory Hand Food Lotion – I remember I liked it when I needed it but in general my anxiety keeps my hands too sweaty to really need lotion.
  • BareMinerals Concealer – I remember I liked it but was “saving” it? And then I never used it up! Use up your products everyone!
  • BareMinerals Well-Rested Face & Eye Concealer – I don’t think I really liked this one.
  • Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream for Eyes with SPF 15 – I think I liked this one but also tried to “save” it.
  • Wet n Wild Photofocus Concealer – I loved how travel friendly this one was and I think I remember liking it!
  • Nudestix Tinted Cover Foundation – I think this was also a Mexico purchase. I think I did like it but the shade wasn’t quite right.
  • Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless Foundation – clearly I loved this product as I had soooooo many shades! I think this was my summer shade as it’s a few shades darker but I did mix it at times too.
  • Smashbox Photo Finish Primer – I loved it! I am sad to throw out the little bit I have left, which I was also trying to “save”.
  • L’Oreal Infalliable Pro-Matte in 104 – This was totally a summer shade too. I did like it but didn’t get the chance to use it up once the pandemic began!
  • Marc Jacobs Foundation – this one almost makes me cry! It was pricey so it was my “special day” foundation. I loved it, it was gorgeous, and I was “saving” it for those special outings, so I never got to use much of it at all. How sad!

Foxy’s Empties

Foxy's Empties

I have a few dog empties too! Foxy doesn’t go through treats too fast since he’s a Chihuahua so he can’t have too many a day, but here’s what he’s had!

  • Nutri Source Soft & Tender Treats with Chicken – These are his go-to training treats! I can usually get each one down to 6 mini-treats, and they’re already pretty small, so I like using them too. I get a lot out of a little! He does really like them for at-home training. I usually get these at TJ Maxx and buy a few bags at a time since we do use them every day. I’m panicking a bit now because I haven’t seen them in a few weeks though!
  • Bocce’s Bakery Bacon & Blueberry Recipe – Foxy loves these cookies! I found them at TJ Maxx after the Easter holidays and I wish I bought more since Foxy loved them so much. He’s a picky dog so I don’t always know what he will and won’t like until way after.
  • Dentalife Daily Oral Care Dog Treats – Foxy’s grandma got these for him and he really liked them! I used them as alternatives to Greenies to mix things up every so often.

So that’s my empties for this past spring! I didn’t use up too much, but I think it was a respectable amount overall!

Thanks for reading!


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