Fox's Summer Adventures Pt. 1 featured image

Fox’s Summer Adventures Pt. 1

Hello everyone! Today, I wanted to share some adventures my sweet pup, Fox, has been on so far this year!

Fox's Summer Adventures Pt. 1 featured image

I know it’s not technically summer yet but I decided I didn’t care about being so specific with the title. Also, in case you missed it in my previous post, Fox is currently recovering from popping out his knee, so the adventures are on pause for now. Poor pup, I have no idea how he got hurt but he did have to go to the vet to get it popped back in and needs to rest for a bit, so we can’t go on adventures right now. Once he’s recovered, we’ll be back on the trail!

Anyway, the reason I wanted to share his adventures is because he’s just too cute! I decided I was going to give him tons of adventures this year because he is overweight and so he was going to get a ton of long walks. Again, those are on pause but we’ll be picking that habit back up soon.

Fox’s Summer Adventures

So I live in Northern Illinois, which means during the winter we don’t get out much and the spring can be pretty rainy. The weather has been phenomenal for the past few weeks so Foxy and I have taken advantage! Now, he’s a pretty lazy dog, I’m not going to lie, so he hates walks around the subdivision, but he LOVES his adventures to the forest preserves and the beach area nearby.

Starring Fox at the Beach

There he is at the beach! We had a grand time there, walking along Lake Michigan and we found a nice bench to take a rest at. Unfortunately, some girl decided to take her ill-behaved husky with no recall off leash and Foxy is not a fan of other dogs coming too close. So we quickly headed away. Once we were getting close to the car, I noticed another dog coming, but that one was leashed. Again, Fox is not a fan of other dogs so we walked to the car instead except that the couple with the dog also got off the sidewalk to approach us! They were mostly trying to ask us if we knew where dogs were allowed, but it was still annoying since I thought it was obvious we were trying to avoid them and their dog but they followed us and approached anyway. I didn’t feel that bad when Fox barked at their dog due to that fact but I did want to avoid Fox barking so I was extra annoyed at that! Anyway, I told them that dogs were allowed anywhere but the actual beach to which they said that they thought so too but apparently some guy started telling them off for being on the trails in the nature preserve and told them dogs were only allowed on a bike trail nearby? I told them the guy was probably making stuff up and if he wasn’t an actual forest preserve employee not to listen to him since I remember others telling me dogs were allowed anywhere but the beach. Also, I did warn them about the crazy husky by the lake too. In all, we loved the beach and walking the trails but it seems like the people who go to the beach are ill-behaved honestly! It is a place that attracts lots of non-locals so maybe that’s why people act so wild.

Although Fox loved the beach, we decided it just wasn’t for us after such encounters. Instead, we switched to a local forest preserve which has a “lake” as well (compared to Lake Michigan this is a pond honestly). We do a small loop there and Fox does seem to love it! He is very well behaved when we go, and he often ignores the other dogs when we do encounter them! Sometimes people stop to greet him, which he loves! Everyone gets a kick out of seeing a Chihuahua on the trail.After going a few weekends in a row, we’ve started to recognize the regulars on weekend mornings, which is a ton of fun!

We’ve also had some fun encounters on the trail! Fox has seen bikes and people, of course. Oh, and dogs. But he’s also now seen horses! He was so confused! He couldn’t stop staring and it was like his little mind was blown at the concept of a giant dog (which is honestly how horses are LOL). He also is really intrigued by the stand up paddle boards that people use, and he loves watching them. Others will be in motor boats or canoes and he’s not too fussed by those, but he will still watch them pass by. It’s so funny to see him people watch!

And here he is as we prepare to go home! He always gets a mid-loop break for water, even though we aren’t out for long. He always gets water at the car too but he just tends to chill on his car bed before we head back home. He is slowly getting used to car rides now too, so double win!

So those are Fox’s updates on his summer adventures! I can’t wait until we’re back on the trail together!

Thanks for reading!


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