My Monthly Challenge Update Pt. 5: Goodbye Daily Blogging, Hello Daily Dog Training featured image

My Monthly Challenge Update Pt. 5: Goodbye Daily Blogging, Hello Daily Dog Training

Hello everyone! Today, I’m sharing my update on how my monthly challenge went last month and what my plans are for my new goal!

Now, I need to start out by explaining this monthly challenge thing! So, every month I pick a new challenge and try to make it something that I can do every day. Sometimes I succeed, sometimes I fail, but I always give it my best effort and honestly, isn’t that what it’s all about? If you missed the previous challenges, here they are:

January – Daily Yoga

February – Write a Short Story Every Day

March – Daily Workouts

April – Drink More Water

May – Daily Blogging

Oh, I should mention that they are linked as their “hello” post introducing each challenge, so if you want to read about how daily yoga went in January after the challenge ended, you actually need to click the next month, which would be February. Anyway, onto the update and new goal!

May’s Monthly Challenge – Daily Blogging

This challenge was successfully completed! I loved this challenge, which is why I do it ever year! As I explained last month, it seemed silly to pick a challenge that I already knew I could do because I was going to do it anyway. It’s a fun little event I do on my blog where I blog every day in May and call it BirthMay after all! You can look at my archives to see it the past years. But it is still a challenge and I thought it’d be too much to add another goal on top of it.

Something I don’t think I made clear though was that I would have a post go up every day, not that I was sitting down and typing out my posts each day. I create all my blog posts over the weekends, so that’s something I should have mentioned in hindsight. Even so, it’s a lot to plan each post, create the featured image for all of them, then actually write these posts too.

Anyway, onto what I learned from this challenge. I did post about what works for me when I blog daily in my post How to Blog Every Day For a Month. I stand by that post! It is a complete game changer to have a plan set in place before the month even starts and it was much easier to stay on top of it if I was at least a week ahead of schedule. For BirthMay I had half the posts for the month already scheduled out before the month even started! Most of those 15 posts were the first week and a half of the month, so I would finish out each week the weekend prior to when those posts went live. The only one I finished the night before was the very last post for the month, the BirthMay Wrap Up so that I could easily link everything. Honestly, planning and working ahead was the key to meeting this goal!

June’s Monthly Challenge – Daily Dog Training

June’s month is completely revolved around my dog, Fox! He’s my 5 year old Chihuahua that I adopted last year. He was a very naughty pup at first, but since seeing a behaviorist, he’s been a much better pup.

Now, I have to admit, this was not the original goal I picked out for June! The original one was daily dog walks! But what ended up happening was that he somehow popped his knee out. I still don’t know what happened but his vet said it’s very common with small breeds, and he is overweight (which is why we were going to go on daily dog walks!). So while we hope it was a one time thing, it could happen again. This happened right as the month started so I had to quickly pivot to a new goal once I knew he needed to rest for at least a week.

Instead, we’re focusing on daily training. We do short trainings throughout the day most days anyway, but I really want to make sure we do more. It’s still tough because he needs to rest, but we are going to work on simple things like paw or stay while he rests and then try more active tricks later. He is being such a trooper through all this so I’m very proud of him!

So those are my updates on my challenges! Let me know what your goals are for June, I’d love to know!

Thanks for reading!


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