My Year 31 Goal: Create Inspiration - A BirthMay Post featured image

My Year 31 Goal: Create Inspiration – A BirthMay Post

Hello everyone! IT’S MY BIRTHDAY! Welcome back to BirthMay 2022! Today’s post is going to be all about my new Year 31 goal, to create my own inspiration in my day-to-day life!

My Year 31 Goal: Create Inspiration - A BirthMay Post featured image

In case you’re new, every May I blog every day and call it BirthMay! Why? Because it’s my birth month and I’m super extra.

Every year for my birthday I pick a new goal for the year. The goal is meant to set my intention for the year and make sure I’m always working towards bettering my life! These goals aren’t meant to have set benchmarks for me to reach, but more to provide a general guideline of what to work towards adding to my life. So, with that in mind, here’s my Year 31 Goal and what it means to me.

My Year 31 Goal: Create Inspiration

Like many previous years, I had thought I had a few great ideas a few months ago. But, as my birthday neared, I realized they actually weren’t right. So I scraped all those ideas and sat down to find a better fit.

When I searched for a new goal, I realized I was attached to the “create” portion of my previous goal. I love the responsibility it assigns to me and how the ownership of being in charge of finding how to incorporate the goal to my life. Plus, I feel that with working full time, creation would serve as a sort of opposite to the corporate world I spend my days in, and would further balance out my life.

Even so, I did feel conflicted about it because it was similar to my last goal to create peace in my life. Would it be too similar that I wouldn’t feel like it was worth working towards? Would it end up mixed and muddled in my brain as a goal that I’d already accomplished? I figured it might depend on what the rest of the goal would be but that the idea to “create” would always be a good choice. Plus, it might also end up sticking around in the future or coming back, and maybe my entire 30’s will be dedicated to creating in my life. So that settled that!

The second portion of the goal was a little harder. There were so many options! As the title says, I settled on “inspiration”. I feel like I’ve spent a good portion of my recent days looking for external inspiration on many things. Anything from fashion to travel ideas to starting a Bookstagram account (StarringPamelaReads – feel free to follow me!). I was looking to other sources rather than thinking about what I really wanted to do. I decided to focus on being my own inspiration and thus creating my inspiration for myself.

I view this goal as a throwback to a previous goal, My Year 29 Goal of Live with Intention, in a way. I do intend to focus on doing things that I think will help me along the way to create inspiration. Basically, if I was looking at my own life, would I want to do that myself? If I go to an event or read a book or go for a walk with my dog, would I think “oh that looks fun, I should do that” or would I think “yikes, glad that’s not me doing that”?

Now, this might be a bit weird to think about because most people would say you shouldn’t look at people’s lives on social media and compare yourself and, in a way, that’s what I’m doing to myself. But I figured if I try to make my life something I can would aspire to live for myself, it’s a very roundabout way to make my life into something I find inspiring.

Furthermore, I hope to use that inspiration in my creative work. Whether it comes forward in a future Bookstagram post, blog post, new book I write, or just in something I create for myself, I’ll be happy with that! I am so excited to work with this goal and work towards inspiring myself!

So that’s my new goal! Thanks for joining me on my birthday by the way!

Thanks for reading!


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