Movies I've Watched: Midnight at the Magnolia, Set It Up, Can You Keep a Secret? - A BirthMay Post featured image

Movies I’ve Watched: Midnight at the Magnolia, Set It Up, Can You Keep a Secret? – A BirthMay Post

Hello everyone! Welcome back to BirthMay 2022! Today’s post is all about rom coms I’ve watched!

Movies I've Watched: Midnight at the Magnolia, Set It Up, Can You Keep a Secret? - A BirthMay Post featured image

In case you’re new, every May I blog every day and call it BirthMay! Why? Because it’s my birth month and I’m super extra.

Today, I’m sharing a few rom coms I’ve watched no-so-recently! These were all part of my work team’s movie club we had going on for a bit. We need to pick that back up for sure! (Ladies, if you happen to be reading this, someone pick a movie for next weekend! LOL!)

Midnight at the Magnolia

I think this was my pick for the movie club if I’m remembering right! In this Netflix Christmas film, Maggie and Jack are the main characters. Their backstory is that they are childhood friends and now co-hosts on a local radio show. Because of their friendship and their loyal fan base, they have a chance to get their show syndicated, but they have to impress some dude who will decide if their show will go national or not. (It’s been awhile, I don’t remember the dude’s name.) The dude’s decision is going to be based on what he thinks of their Christmas special, which the two hyped up as the first time they’ll introduce their significant other to their families. When their significant others break up with both hosts, they are left with a big dilemma, as they also had hoped to save the restaurant both of their fathers own with the Christmas special. So instead of canceling, they decide to fake date! I would say I don’t want to spoil it but whatever you are imagining is exactly how the film plays out LOL.

I really liked the story, even if there was nothing shocking about it. I thought it was very unrealistic in depicting the Chicago winters as everyone was dressed so causally despite there being a ton of fake snow outside. I’m sorry, if there was that much snow, it’d be MUCH colder than what they’re dressed for! Anyway, the film itself was cute, funny, and light, just what you want out of a Christmas rom com!

Set It Up

This is another Netflix rom com but not a Christmas one! This film follows Harper and Charlie, two young assistants who are overworked and decide to set up their bosses in hopes of making their own lives easier. Harper and Charlie meet one night when they are working late and have to scramble to get dinner for their bosses. Eventually, the two team up, realizing they have total control of their bosses’ schedule, and thus get them from strangers to acquainted to dating.

This film is so cute and so fun! Harper and Charlie are hilarious together and it’s just really funny to watch them interact. The bosses are pretty fun too, and watching their lives be so easily manipulated by the assistants is pretty hilarious too! Overall there’s not too much to say about it besides that it’s just a good time and if you want something lighthearted and fun, this is a great option!

Can You Keep a Secret?

While I don’t think this is a Netflix film, you can watch this rom com on Netflix! In this one, Emma is a junior marketing associate at an organic food startup and goes to Chicago for a sales meeting. Her meeting goes terribly wrong and Emma, who is scared of flying, ends up rambling all her problems (personal and professional) to the guy sitting next to her. When she goes back to the office the next day, Emma realizes the stranger is the CEO of the startup, Jack. He tries to play it cool but Emma is pretty freaked out, understandably, and they agree not to discuss Chicago and the flight with anyone. Eventually, Emma and Jack start a secret relationship, but Emma is the only one that is really sharing any secrets with Jack so it turns pretty one-sided.

This film was pretty funny overall! I do think the end could have been stronger, as I did sort of lose interest but the idea itself is pretty funny and entertaining. I did think it took too long for Emma’s character to grow a spine though. Honestly, most of the film was spent thinking “Emma, just cut your losses and move on girl!” but of course the film had to play out. I wouldn’t recommend this one over the other two but it was still fun.

So that’s my thoughts on these rom coms! The next movie post will not be rom com focused, so if these weren’t your cup of tea, don’t worry!

Thanks for reading!


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