May 2022 Coffee Chat - A BirthMay Post featured image

May 2022 Coffee Chat – A BirthMay Post

Hello everyone! Today, I wanted to catch up over a nice cup of coffee!

May 2022 Coffee Chat - A BirthMay Post featured image

In case you’re new, every May I blog every day and call it BirthMay! Why? Because it’s my birth month and I’m super extra.

Anyway, today I’m going to enjoy an iced spiced chai latte from a local coffee place that I just visited recently. I go to this coffee place every once in awhile, and it’s always a fun experience!

If we were having coffee I’d tell you, how I’ve handled the mask mandate lifting in my state. I find it so interesting how differently everyone treats it! For me, it’s rather complicated. When I’m close to a ton of strangers, like at a store, I will wear a mask. I also tend to wear my mask when I arrive somewhere, even if I know I’ll take it off later. For example, when I go to ballet, I’ll wear my mask when I walk into the fitness center where I take classes and wear it in the hallway waiting for the class before mine to finish up. Then I’ll take it off when I get into the dance studio. It just seems like good manners to show up with a mask! In any case, no one has ever said anything about the mask, and everyone seems to be doing their own thing.

If we were having coffee I’d tell you, that I’m going to be traveling for work later this year! How exciting! I was asked if I could go to an event in the summer, since the person who would normally go is leaving and the person taking over the account has a conflict, so I’m up! I’m so excited! I’d also tell you where I’m going but for blog purposes we’ll keep it a secret for a bit longer!

If we were having coffee I’d tell you, last month was soooo spendy for me! First, I had to pay taxes, so that was fun. It was the first time I had to pay, which was pretty cool. Then, Fox had a busy month between his vet visit, blood work (testing for heartworms which was, thankfully negative!), therapy, grooming, and getting pet insurance (which I paid for the year up front). I also just stocked up on a few things that I’d been waiting to buy until it went on sale at Target, or just needed. So it was a weird combination of a few things, but hopefully May won’t be so bad!

If we were having coffee I’d tell you, that my mom flew back from Mexico yesterday and I’m so happy she’s back! I’ve missed her so much. She actually didn’t call as often as I expected her to, so I’ve been catching up on her month with her. She did keep me updated on all the chihuahuas she met, my grandfather’s home makeover (apparently they painted his bedroom and bought him a new bed), and just general updates on family members, but getting the details is pretty fun too.

If we were having coffee I’d tell you, I’m so excited for this BirthMay! I already had 10 of 31 posts scheduled a week before the start of the month (this one will be 11), which is probably the most I’ve ever had done ahead of time. Honestly, the most stressful part of these monthly challenges is keeping up with all the posts, so having as many done as possible before the month, or at least having the schedule and ideas figured out ahead of time, is a huge help.

If we were having coffee I’d tell you, work has been busy recently! Last month I worked soooooo much. It’s still busy now, but much more manageable and I’ve been able to revisit some projects I’d had to put off. The team is growing pretty fast lately. It’s such a relief to see the event industry bouncing back after the pandemic. We did have someone leave recently though, which was a surprise. I jokingly told her I was going to guilt trip her as I asked what was next for her. She said she was going back to what she was doing before the pandemic. Honestly, I can’t get mad at that since that is exactly what I did!

If we were having coffee I’d tell you, Foxy has been such a good boy lately! He’s been doing so well with his training, walks a lot better, and has been eating more dog food as opposed to people food. He still very much prefers people food, of course, but he’s getting better at not throwing tantrums over being served dog food. He also has been spending more time in his downstairs room, aka his downstairs crate. He has a crate in my bedroom where he sleeps at night, but he also has one downstairs where he spends time if he is left home alone. He doesn’t love the downstairs one as much yet but he is starting to hang out in it a lot more!

If we were having coffee I’d tell you, all about my latest monthly challenge! I didn’t manage to drink enough water to meet my goal every day, but I definitely drank a lot more water than I normally would because of the goal! I do like that these challenges help me get a jump start on these habits!

If we were having coffee I’d tell you, that I think I said last month it was my last update on my Year 30 goal to create peace in my life, but it’s actually this one since I haven’t revealed the Year 31 goal yet. Every year I pick a new goal to work on, and it’s so sad that it’s time up on creating peace! Of course, I do intend to take the lessons I learned with me going forward. This goal has been key in helping me find and keep a good work/life balance. I have loved slowing down and remembering to put my peace first, and I will miss this goal.

If we were having coffee I’d tell you, all about my 2022 goal, again, but better. I think this BirthMay is one of the best examples of applying the lessons I’ve learned yet! I’ve had crazy BirthMays and Blogmases in the past where I didn’t properly prepare for the challenge, and so doing so much work ahead of time is helping me a ton already. I am so happy that I was able to learn those lessons and apply them so I could do BirthMay again, but better!

So that’s what I would tell you if we were having coffee together. What would you tell me if we were having coffee?

Thanks for reading!


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