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My April Life

Hello everyone! Today, I wanted to share the fun stuff in my life this April!

my april life 2022 featured image

It’s been a fun month! Here’s what I’ve been up to!


Beauty – Make Up & Skin Care



Egg Hunt at the Library

So I arrived at my local library to go to my tai chi class and the librarian told me to go participate in the Easter egg hunt going on in the adult section! So off I went with two other tai chi friends and we quickly found eggs. We got a few little prizes, which we got to pick out from little baskets. I got a piece of candy, a little container of slime, and a pack of marker/highlighter combos. What fun! We also got to enter a raffle for different baskets. I did not win, and honestly I was relieved as I am still trying that whole “minimal” thing and failing miserably so I did not need a whole basket of stuff to add to the mix! But it was still a lot of fun to participate and the slime is quite fun to play with as well! No wonder kids are so obsessed!

Book Club

Also at the library, we had book club! Unfortunately the new librarian we met last month ended up not being able to stay, so we were back to one librarian for now for book club. Don’t worry though, a new librarian will start soon! Anyway, we didn’t love the book this month unfortunately! We thought the subject was interesting for sure, but the way the book was written didn’t really speak to any of us. The book was about the alphabet and how it was adopted as a standard organizational system. Which, again, sounds super cool! And there were lots of bits that were interesting, it’s just the author went on and on and on and on about it quite a bit. Anyway, we still chatted about the book, shared our thoughts, and shared our organizational styles for our personal book collections (for most of us it’s a mix of by genre, read vs. not read yet, and even size for the larger books!).

Fox’s Updates

My sweet pup had a big month too! He got more outdoor walkies since the weather has been getting better! He also had a vet appointment and got his blood drawn to test for heartworms. Good news, he does not have heartworms! Phew! They also trimmed his nails while he was there, so that was nice.

His training class started up again, for the third time. At this point, I’m using it more to get him used to being around other dogs. It’s so weird. He was doing so well at the end of his first training class, sitting and even lying down on command more reliably. But in the second session he never got back into the hang of it, since he was too nervous around the other dogs! He just was too scared to pay attention. This time around we are showing up to class a little earlier so we can sit and watch the puppies in their class so he will hopefully get more comfortable.

Speaking of him getting scared/nervous/anxious/etc., I saw a TikTok about a dog calming dog treat and I’ve gone out and bought it to try! As I type this, it’s going to be pretty stormy today so I’m excited to try out the treat. I’m thinking I might try it before a class too or an appointment if it does seem to work. He does have therapy this week too, but I’m writing this early so I don’t have an update on that just yet.

And, before I forget, he had a grooming appointment! He doesn’t seem to need grooming as often as my puppy niece did, since she would get stinky pretty fast (sorry Arya). I think since he’s very much an indoor dog and doesn’t get as much exercise as Arya, that is likely why. Foxy is more of a low-key stay-at-home-pup! Honestly, most of the time he just goes for a nail trim and I’ll just get him bathed just since he’s already there. The groomer always says he’s a good boy so that’s really nice that he is so well behaved! Probably because he’s terrified… But still!

OMG one more thing! I almost forgot! I got Foxy pet insurance finally. I was really dragging my feet on this because a ton of people I have talked to in real life have said it’s a waste of money unless the pet gets cancer or something like that in later life. But if you don’t have it by the time they develop cancer, then you’re out of luck. But I saw a TikTok of a vet practice where the staff was asked what they wished pet parents knew about and all of them said pet insurance! I also saw people begging pet parents to get pet insurance in some of the finance focused FB groups I joined. I finally took the plunge and got him pet insurance. Apparently most insurance companies cap the enrollment age at 6, and Foxy is already 5. I will say, it is quite expensive and apparently it goes up as the dog ages! Of course, it was expensive because I decided to pay the entire year at once but it’s nice to have the insurance now. Also, I have heard a few times that once you cancel the insurance you immediately end up wishing you hadn’t, so now I’m stuck with the insurance forever!


I just have a few work stories to share, although I am trying hard to keep work stuff to a minimum in general. Yup, I’m trying that whole work-life balance thing! Since I work from home exclusively, it’s important for me to keep them separate!

Anyway, work was INSANE this month! Luckily I am a part of a really amazing team that jumps to help each other out, so other team members were amazing at helping me out when needed. There were a few days where I worked much longer hours than just the 8 hours I try to stick to, and one week I worked 46 hours! Yikes! That’s almost 6 8-hour days crammed into 5 days! There was even a day where I logged off, and then a coworker texted me in a panic about some deadlines getting mixed up and moved up a day due to some confusion, so she asked if I could log back in. I had actually worked ahead at that point so was almost ready to go. I logged back in, wrapped up a few things, and then helped out a few others on my team so that they could catch up too. Oh, this was all on top of having another event with overlapping deadlines too by the way. It was mayhem, but it’s honestly what makes this industry fun.

Oh, also I had to have a solo meeting with one of my clients. The way we have it structured is that my role will join in the meeting but we’re mostly optional if nothing is really going on. When the main person on the meeting had to skip one week, she volunteered me to have the meeting with the client on my own. Personally, I was fine with it, although I was caught off guard when she volunteered me, I’ll admit! In many ways, I still feel very new and my reaction was more like “oh, you trust me enough for that? Well okay then!” In general, I am very much a “fake it til you make it” person ever since I ended up in the media room my first day covering a sports event in college when I joined the school newspaper on a whim. (Look at past me being such a Rory Gilmore.) Anyway, the meeting went great, if I do say so myself.

So that’s how my month went! I hope you also had a good April!

Thanks for reading!


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