product empties spring 2022 featured image

Product Empties – Spring 2022

Hello everyone! Today, I thought I’d share some product empties!

product empties spring 2022 featured image

I actually don’t have too many to share as I haven’t been using up too many products in general. But also, I think I keep forgetting and throwing out the empties sometimes too! Whoops!

It’s always so funny to do empties posts, because when I started the blog I thought I’d be mainly beauty focused, so it feels like I’m going back to my roots haha! The only big difference now is that this post is maybe half of my dog’s empties. Maybe the entire blog should change to Starring Fox instead? Anyway, here’s a look at my trash, I mean, my empties!

Product Empties – Spring 2022

Here’s the first of the empties! Now, if I was a better blogger, I would have either A) put all the empties in one photo or B) at least separated out the dog empties from my empties. But alas, I am lazy and did not feel like consolidating the trash I’ve hoarded in different places into one place for the photo, so you get two photos. Lucky you! Here’s the empties!

Product Empties - Spring 2022
Product Empties - Spring 2022

Human Empties

First up is the Beauty & Planet Hemp Seed Oil & Nana Leaf Conditioner. It was fine, I preferred the lavender version for sure. Although, I have to admit, I think the lavender preference is mostly influenced by the fact that I saw a witchy TikTok that said lavender is for protection so using lavender hair products is like protecting yourself from the bad vibes of the world or something. This wannabe influencer has indeed been influenced.

Next, I have the Manzanilla Grisi Chamomile Shampoo. It was fine, not my favorite shampoo, but not my least fave either!

I also used up a bottle of the Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser. I actually did like it enough, although I’ll admit I was trying to buy another cleanser at the time that I’d seen on TikTok and mixed it up with this one. My bad! But I would have repurchased it if I hadn’t been gifted a different one since I did enjoy it.

Another cleanser I used was a travel sized Josie Maran Pineapple Enzyme Pore Cleaning Cleanser. I actually don’t remember much of what I thought about it since I used it so long ago, but I don’t remember anything negative about it so I assume I liked it well enough.

Weirdly enough, I thought I would share my toothpaste too apparently. I have one full size tube of my favorite toothpaste, Crest 3D White Toothpaste and two travel sized Colgate Total Toothpaste. I started to use up my travel/trial sized products over the winter because I figured I wasn’t traveling anymore so that’s why there’s so many in this post!

Dog Empties

The empties you’ve all been waiting for! Foxy can’t speak English or Spanish, so I can’t necessarily get his testimony but here’s what I think he thinks about each.

First up is the Bocce’s Bakery Figgy Pudding and Pumpkin Cheesecake treats. He seems to be a fan of Bocce’s overall. Rarely does he say no to a treat though. I do think he liked the Figgy Pudding more than the Pumpkin Cheesecake, and my best guess is that it’s because the Figgy Pudding treats were softer and he’s lazy when it comes to crunchy treats sometimes. What a weirdo!

He regularly gets the Nutri Source Soft & Tender Treats with Chicken. He actually doesn’t seem to like these as much anymore so that’s a shame, as I bought extra bags for him before finding a new brand he likes more. But I do keep a bag of these at my desk and in my bag for when we have impromptu training sessions!

Next is the Nudges Protein Biscuits which he took time to warm up to and eventually loved! My puppy niece is also a fan of these, so they come highly recommended from TWO Chihuahuas. I love these because they say they are all natural, the perfect size for the pups, and shaped like chickens! (I should have gotten a picture of the treats!) My mom said she found these at Walmart, so I need to go find them now that we’re out. I did find the brand at Target but not this exact treat, and the new cookies I got Fox are not inspiring him as much as these. (I stick a cookie into one of his toys and stuff it with more toys so he has to get it out for enrichment.) I did notice this brand is on the, um, pricier side though. The things I do for my dog… He’s always my biggest expense in my monthly budget! (And don’t even get me started on this month… I had to take him to the vet for bloodwork AND get him new heartworm meds AND got him pet insurance that I paid for the year. “Ouch,” says my wallet.)

Lastly, is the Liberty Trainers with Peanut Butter Flavor. These are the new training treats! (Side note: all treats except the expensive chicken shaped ones are from TJ Maxx.) I like these a ton more because I can cut them up more easily on the spot and Fox likes them more in general. He does get bored of the same flavors so right now he’s enjoying the bacon ones and I plan to switch back and forth now between these. He LOVES these! He’ll do just about anything for them. He’ll sit, he’ll wait, he’ll get in his bed, he’ll lay down, he’ll even cry when training time is over. He loves them! They are already tiny but I’ll cut them in half or even fourths for training.

So those are my (and Foxy’s) empties! Honestly, they are more like winter/spring empties as I have been saving them for awhile, but I think it works out just fine!

Thanks for reading!


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