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Pup Post!

Hello everyone! Today, I thought I’d share a few photos of my sweet pup, Fox!

pup post featured image

I’m going to be honest, I had a loooooong work week last week and I was so tired last weekend (when I write my posts) that I figured it was better to do a fun, light post instead of failing miserably at anything more involved. Here’s so photos of my little boy!


pup post fox outside

Fox has been so adventurous lately! This is just in the backyard, so it’s not a crazy, wild adventure, but he has been more curious and willing to spend time outside lately. He has been doing much better on walks lately, which is great! Although, it is still a struggle to get him down the street at first though.

Foxy Snuggles

pup post foxy snuggles

This is one of my favorite pictures of Foxy since I think it shows off his sweet side so much! He loves nothing more than to be pet and snuggled. This was a picture I took when he came up to me hoping for pets!

Fox at the Vet

I thought these next few pictures would tell a really fun story for everyone to enjoy! Anyway, Fox had to go get blood drawn for the blood work and so I stuck him in the car and off we went! This was Fox when he looked up at the sign and realized where he was (or at least I’m assuming that’s what happened since I don’t think he can read but maybe he recognized the area).

pup post foxy at the vet

He was NOT happy. Oh, and see all that dog hair? I had to give him so many pets and his hair was falling out like crazy!

Anyway, the vet we go to lets people in with their dogs now, or at least that was their last update, but the sign was still up to call to check in so I did. I’m thinking they assumed that I preferred to stay in my car to wait for him to be seen and then during the appointment, which honestly I did because I can’t imagine watching someone draw my baby dog’s blood! While we waited, this was his expression:

pup post foxy at the vet

He knew what was coming, clearly! Anyway, the tech came out for him, I warned her about his collapsed trachea that I was told about (but his vet doubts he actually has it), and off they went. I actually forgot to warn her that he has anger issues which I do feel bad about but she said she knew about his trachea thing, so I’m thinking she did review his paper work first where I’m sure that’s noted. Oh, he was also there for a nail trim!

pup post foxy at the vet

And this was Fox after! He looks properly traumatized so after I paid, it was time to go! The tech said he did very well, so I was quite proud of him! He was quite dramatic after the whole incident though, constantly licking one leg more than the others, so I’m assuming that’s where the blood was drawn and he was still clearly trying to mentally recover from the whole experience. The next day he was licking both legs equally and at a normal amount so I think it’s safe to say he’s okay now. What a little drama queen!

So that’s my little photo post featuring my sweet little dog Fox! Should I do another photo post of him soon?

Thanks for reading!


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