My Monthly Update Pt. 2 - Goodbye Short Stories, Hello Workouts Featured Image

My Monthly Challenge Pt. 2 – Goodbye Short Stories, Hello Workouts

Hello everyone! Today, I wanted to provide an update on my monthly challenge for February and introduce March’s challenge.

My Monthly Update Pt. 2 - Goodbye Short Stories, Hello Workouts Featured Image

The idea for a monthly challenge came from social media, where you basically pick an activity and commit to doing it every day. Here’s my latest on the monthly challenges!

February’s Monthly Challenge – Short Stories

Well I failed this one miserably! My goal had been to write a short story every day. I figured it would be tough but didn’t expect it to take more than half an hour max each day. It ended up being much more challenging! I had plenty of ideas but it would take so long to plan out the story, start writing it, and edit/change it up as I went along that it was just not doable for me. I ended up skipping a ton of days too, since I ended up being pretty lazy after I realized I wasn’t going to make this challenge!

It honestly is disappointing that I did give up on it pretty easily. I think that it was a big mistake to pick such a creative and demanding challenge in a month when I know that I struggle in February in general. I honestly hate the month! It’s just so aggravating and at the tail end of winter, so at this point I’m fed up with the annoyance that is the entire season. Looking back I should have been more realistic and picked a less mentally challenging challenge. I think I would have preferred to select a more passive challenge, such as reading five news articles a day or something. (Oooo, that’s actually a good one. Adding it to the list!)

Anyway, did I finish any of the short stories I started? Nope! But I did at least get a ton of new ideas, planned out a few of my previously existing ideas, and definitely came to appreciate the art of writing a short story so much more.

March’s Monthly Challenge – A Daily Workout

With the end of winter approaching, I figured it was a perfect time to get moving again! My dad recently cleaned out the basement of a ton of junk he and my mom had accumulated and there’s so much more room down there! He was already working out every morning but since he decluttered there’s been enough space to walk around. I recently started going down there, trying to get a few laps in for the dog, since it’s too cold and snowy out to force him to walk. He quickly made it clear that he did not appreciate the effort, but I enjoyed moving around so I decided my next challenge was going to do a workout a day!

For me, that will mean that I have to basically do some sort of activity a day! It could be yoga, following a workout video, going to ballet, or just walking around either outside or in the basement. I actually enjoy it quite a bit down there since I’ll put in my ear buds, hit play on a podcast or audiobook (which I’m testing out right now), and get to walking! It’s too bad that Fox doesn’t enjoy it because it would be nice for him to get some exercise and would open up a whole new area of the house for him, but he is very clearly uncomfortable down there. I do take him down for a few minutes each time to see if he’ll warm up to it and get some new experiences, but he quickly goes to the stairs and cries to be returned to the living room where his fluffy bed and warm blanket are waiting for him.

I suppose it is sort of cheating as I’m already doing this challenge when I’m writing this (in the last few days of February), so is it really a challenge if I am already working it into my daily routine? I settled on yes, it is a challenge because sometimes I want to slack off, and showing up is honestly the biggest challenge of all! Especially since I’m sure the days I’ll be most tempted to slack off will be the days when I have plans after work. But I do think that I can do it!

So there is the update for February and March’s new challenge! Feel free to leave ideas for future challenges, since I do have a few months where I’m not 100% sold on their challenges yet!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. High five for daily workouts! I’ve been adhering to this schedule myself, not for anything, but just to feel better about my day. I find that to be a much better motivator to stick to the plan, instead of getting a nicer or healthier body. Wishing you all the best with your plan!

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