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My February Life

Hello everyone! Today, I’m sharing some of my adventures from this month.

It’s been a pretty low-key month in terms of adventures, but here’s what I’ve been up to!


Fox’s Updates

First up, some updates on my dog! Fox is doing so much better! We had another therapy appointment at the start of the month and the therapist did say she noticed a lot of positive changes in him since she first started seeing him two months ago. Some of the people at his training class say the same too! He is much happier, more confident, and just a better dog overall. He still barks at other dogs like crazy in his class, unfortunately, but he does love running through the tunnels in class. He is quite distracting when I’m trying to work though, so I am worried about when summer comes and my parents aren’t home as often so he can’t hang out with them to have breaks from the office when he’s bored.

Work Updates

Work has been great! I’ll admit, there are things that are frustrating over working for a small, but growing, company. There just aren’t the same resources I’m used to, and certain things aren’t established, but my boss is always ready to listen and consider changes we propose. Now, since I’m in event planning and the industry overall has struggled, that’s also been reflected in some benefits too. Honestly, the most annoying right now is that I have to wait a year to be eligible for the 401k and they don’t offer a match right now (although they did say they intend to in 2023). I already feel like I’m super behind and will get nowhere near maxing out the 401k contributions this year, so it’s just frustrating! I’m glad I did contribute as much as I did before the pandemic at my old employer, but even then I was contributing 15% (or more at times) of a much lower salary than I am now. I can’t wait to finally be able to start making those contributions again and I do hope the match does start next year, as that’s always a great benefit to take advantage of.

Home Update

I wanted to include an update on my home life because it’s winter! I’ve tried to somewhat incorporate the hygge tips I’ve seen online, and I do think it’s been great for me. I hate how limiting winter is and, combined with the isolation of the ongoing pandemic, it can be a hard time. I find that while hygge isn’t a magical cure, it is quite nice to incorporate and does make the winter months a bit more bearable. For me, it’s meant adding blankets literally everywhere. Also, adding more beds for Fox around the house is important. I’ve been enjoying more tea this month as well, curling up with a nice book to relax, and other more “cozy” focused changes. I think that adjusting my life to fit the inevitable seasons rather than stressing about the weather not being perfect has been a great change for me.

So that’s my life in February! As I mentioned, it’s been very lowkey and quiet this month, which is great because February is just that type of month in my opinion!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Hygge has really helped me as well this month – I’m trying to find the positives in every month (even though cold, rainy weather is not my favourite) and hygge has been great for appreciating the small things and trying to find the beauty every day. Glad you had a good month and hope you have a lovely March!

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