february coffee chat 2022 featured image

February 2022 Coffee Chat

Hello everyone! Today, I wanted to share what I would tell you if we were having coffee!

february coffee chat 2022 featured image

Today, I am having a Columbian roast using a tin of ground coffee. It’s not my favorite but it is still good! I make it with a reusable Keurig cup. Anyway, here’s what I would tell you if we were having coffee!

If we were having coffee I’d tell you, last month was my presentation all about my blog at my public library! I had a blast doing it, but I won’t go on too much about it since I’m planning a whole post about it. I loved the whole experience and I do hope I get to do something similar in the future. I will let you know, I’m waiting for the presentation recording to be uploaded, so I’m going to wait to share that post until it is. This might take awhile as it’s done by the library so I don’t have the ability to upload it myself and can’t control when it’ll happen, but I’ll keep an eye out and schedule the post once I have that link to the video!

If we were having coffee I’d tell you, that I completed the 30 day yoga challenge last month! That was pretty nice, although I did notice some light injuries and pains during the month. I had one week where my left shoulder blade hurt sooooo bad! I pushed through but it was quite painful. I had a few other random pains too over the month, so that was annoying but I think I just needed to stretch more!

If we were having coffee I’d tell you, my new challenge for February is writing a short story every day! I saw an article or TikTok about how the best way to get good at writing short stories is to, well, actually write a lot of short stories! One of the suggestions was actually to write a short story every day for a month, so I decided to do that for February. Another reason for it is that a local library is accepting short story submissions for a writing contest next month, so I’m hoping at least one of them will be good enough to submit!

If we were having coffee I’d tell you, that I’m really struggling to decide on if I truly want to leave Illinois or not. On one hand, I have a well established network here of classes I enjoy, the library programs I take advantage of, events I’m familiar with, and things like Fox’s vet and my dentist/eye doctor/etc. But on the other, I really hate the winters here. Plus it seems silly to move out if I’m still living in the same area. At this point, my parents have given me their timeline from now until they retire, so I am not in a rush, but at the same time I do want to make a decision to have a clear goal to work towards.

If we were having coffee I’d tell you, I finally started playing Wordle! I’ve played for 10 days now! Six of those 10 were guessed in 4 tries, the other 4 in 5 tries. At first I was so confused how we’re supposed to guess the word if there’s literally no clue, but it quickly became addicting! I know there are ways to play multiple Wordle puzzles in a day, but honestly it is fun to just do it once and that’s it. I don’t post my results anywhere but I do really enjoy seeing them from everyone else!

If we were having coffee I’d tell you, work is going well! I was crazy busy last month, but found it doable. I also finally found a way to keep myself organized with Google Keep, which was life-changing. I honestly wish I’d found Google Keep sooner! I also got great feedback on a project I’d taken on, and I’m still seeing the ripple effect of it, as it’s inspiring others too!

If we were having coffee I’d tell you, all about my dog, Fox! Honestly, he’s such a weird dog. Sometimes he’s so good, and sometimes he’s completely bad! He will consistently go outside to do his business all week and then suddenly have an accident inside the house twice in one day. He’ll also bark at nothing now, which is quite annoying. He is doing much better at his training though. He’s so good at the nose touch command now! But when he’s naughty it seriously annoys me as it feels like he’s not getting better consistently enough. Sometimes I tell him I’m going to take him back to the shelter if he doesn’t behave, which he doesn’t understand of course, but my parents will immediately tell me that I can’t do that! They do love him, even if he is naughty!

If we were having coffee I’d tell you, another fun thing about Fox… he is expensive to maintain! In January, Fox’s expenses were about half of my overall expenses for the entire month. I had to replace one of his beds (which was a great investment because he loves his new crate bed), get a ton more training treats for him (which was really desperately needed), signed him up for another training session (he needs more practice), and took him to another therapy session (also desperately needed). He is such an expensive pup!

If we were having coffee I’d tell you, all about my goal of creating peace. I think I have done that this month, especially with the daily yoga practice. Without the yoga though, the month has been a bit stressful because of work being busy and then I still have a lot going on even though it’s winter and the prospect of snow stresses me out! I need to get better about this goal though since it’s almost time to pick a new one.

If we were having coffee I’d tell you, about my other goal, again, but better. I think that this one has been going well! This goal works very well with the monthly challenges, honestly! The idea that practice makes perfect is pretty much the same as this goal, but just phrased differently I suppose! It does make a difference for sure and I like the idea of persistence and growth being wrapped up so nicely in this concept. I have seen a big improvement in my yoga, in Fox’s training, in my work, and many other areas of my life, so I do really love having this goal already!

Well there you go! That’s what I would share with you if we were having coffee. It is perhaps a bit boring this month, I’ll admit, but I think it’s been a nice start to the new year.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. I actually got some coffee to read your post. What a treat! Poor Fox seems like a difficult pup but I’m sure he’s too cute, which makes it all worth it. About leaving Illinois, you are only young and free once, so you should definitely do it if you want to. If it’s something you think you might regret NOT doing, definitely go for it. Hugs.

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    • Omg I love the commitment to the coffee chat!!! Haha Fox can be difficult at times, but he is overall a sweet and good boy! And omg true, I do think that if I moved and hated it at least I tried it and can move back, but I’ll never know until I try, right? Thanks girl!

      Liked by 1 person

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