My 2022 Monthly Challenges featured image

My 2022 Monthly Challenges

Hello everyone! Today, I wanted to share my plan to give myself a monthly challenge throughout 2022!

My 2022 Monthly Challenges featured image

The idea is that I’ll challenge myself to do something every day for a month, so it’s pretty simple! The idea isn’t really just mine of course. In this time of year everyone is creating challenges and resolutions and goals and so on. I’ve watched a ton of videos about “no spend” month challenges and I’ve done things like BirthMay and NaNoWriMo, so I’m no stranger to the idea of a monthly challenge. I also came across a TikTok of someone who is studying a different language every month for the entire month this year and an article suggesting writing a short story every day for a month.

Since I’m already doing the annual 30 day yoga challenge through Yoga with Adriene, I thought this was a great idea! Although the first day of January technically is not a part of the challenge, I decided to include it anyway in the challenge so it’s like 30 days of yoga and 1 day of meditation! Anyway, the fact that I was doing something daily just felt like something I should continue and thus this idea was born!

My 2022 Monthly Challenges

So, like I’d already mentioned, my January challenge will be yoga! For every day in January I’m putting on Adriene’s videos and doing some yoga. I love doing this every year! For the most part, I tend to make it through the challenge and then keep doing yoga every day for a few months before I finally fall out of the habit until the next January.

I also already have my May, November, and December challenges all set! May’s is BirthMay of course. It is a challenge to blog every day! December is Blogmas, although that is only 24 days long. I figured I’ll go ahead and count it though because it’s also quite a lot to do, plus the end of the year is always busy. November’s will be writing, since that is NaNoWriMo, after all.

Some other ideas I have are reading at least 50 (or 100) pages every day for a month, daily walks for the dog (in the spring/summer/fall when it’s not negative degrees out), another declutter challenge, and studying a language every day for a month (like the TikTok! I’m thinking ASL). I’d love other ideas to consider since clearly I still don’t have all the months figured out! Maybe no social media? Maybe doing that daily short story idea? Maybe the complete opposite of no social media and posting every day on a platform? Practicing a musical instrument every day for at least half an hour or an hour? I’m not sure, and I do like the idea that they’re pretty open right now!

My plan is to update on how each month went via the Coffee Chat posts, but let me know if you think they should be separate posts. Also, let me know what kind of challenges you’ve done and your thoughts on them. Again, I need ideas!

Thanks for reading!


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