my 2021 reading stats featured image

My 2021 Reading Stats

Hello everyone! Today, I wanted to share some stats on the books I read in 2021!

my 2021 reading stats featured image

Now, this post is one that I’m posting because I love to share this kind of stuff. I am such a nerd for stats, and I love reading! I do think for 2022 I’ll do a general stats post for Blogmas as it does seem silly to post 2021 stuff in 2022, plus I’m not a reading blog only so I feel like I should expand this post! But for now, I’ll just do the 2021 reading stats.

My 2021 Reading Stats

I use the app, StoryGraph, which is amazing as it tracks the stats for me! Here’s some lovely graphics and my thoughts on each.

Here’s some of the many stats StoryGraph keeps track of! Starting with the top left, my reading goal. I had a lower original goal, I think maybe 50 books? At some point I upped it to 100 and ended the year with 103 books read. Woohoo!

Next is the number of books and pages. Again, I read 103 books with the highest book counts in January and October. The lowest reading months were July and November. The pages trend was pretty similar and I read around 37,444 pages!

The bottom left is the authors I read the most. The author I read the most was Cassandra Clare, even though I really don’t enjoy her books. I’m reading her books because my sister enjoys them and so I was curious. Now, I’m mostly reading them out of a need to complete the series she writes. The next two authors are Brigid Kemmerer and Hilliary Rodham Clinton. I think I read three books from each of these ladies. Rodham Clinton is also one of my favorite authors of the year. The rest are the ones I read two books from and I did enjoy them as well!

Next up is the ratings. My average rating for 2021 was 3.82. I think the Clare books really brought it down as she was my most read author and also lowest rated (I think most of her books were under 3 stars for me). I do tend to give out a lot of 3.75 ratings too!

my 2021 reading stats

A few more stats! For pace I was really surprised. I really prefer medium paced books and that was the majority, but it wasn’t as big of a majority as I thought! And the next one was slow paced books which I typically don’t enjoy. How wild!

I did know that my book length was going to be mostly 300-499. I feel that 500+ tends to drag way too much for me, so it wasn’t surprising that was the least amount I typically went for.

For fiction vs. non-fiction I cropped the image too much but you can see it’s a pretty even split there. I used to be a fiction reader all the way just a few years ago but recently I’ve really loved nonfiction as well.

And the last one was the book format. I almost didn’t include it because I know it’s crazy wrong. I do find that Storygraph is hard to use when it comes to different editions/formats. There are many that I know are either logged as the wrong format or didn’t have a format! The image even says 46 of the books I read didn’t have a format associated with it. I couldn’t find a way to indicate which format I read for those book either, so I couldn’t update it. I would guess it’s about 65% print but I could be totally wrong.

my 2021 reading stats

Lastly, I wanted to go over the moods and genres, which are always some of my favorites! My top moods were adventurous and informative, which I think are fair. Most of my fiction books are more adventurous while most of the nonfiction are informative, so I feel like they represent each one fairly. I found it crazy that hopeful and funny were the last two moods I read.

For the genres, my top two were young adult and fantasy by a long shot. I think all those Clare books had a lot to do with it! Also, my fiction reading does tend to be both of those categories where my nonfiction reading is all over the place. I think the most surprising categories I had were Sports and Horror, as I typically would never reach for either of those! For sports, I did click into it because I was so confused and it was a YA book that centered around a youth sports team and that made so much more sense. For horror I didn’t check but I think it was from a “Readheads” book club book. If I had to guess, I think that 2022 will also be YA and fantasy but I hope politics and business will be higher as well.

So those are my stats for 2021! I think it’ll be cool to compare these stats with 2022’s in the future. I didn’t start using StoryGraph until this year, so that’s why I don’t have any previous stats. For 2022 my reading goal is 65 books, although the StoryGraph app isn’t working too well for me as I write this so I can’t get it to save the goal! Once it’s up I’ll update that and feel free to add me on the app. My username there is “StarringPamela”!

Thanks for reading!


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