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Thursday Tales: Best of 2021

Hello everyone! For today’s Blogmas I wanted to share what I think were some of the best parts of 2021 for me.

I suppose this will be more of a reflective piece instead of yesterday’s more event focused post, or even a more traditional Thursday Tale post. But this is what I wanted to write for today so this is what you get. Here we go!

Thursday Tales: Best of 2021

The first thing I’ll mention is the Covid vaccine and booster! Why? Well because my left arm is a tad sore from the booster that I got the day before writing this. That’s the only symptom I’ve had by the way. I’m lowkey concerned it’s not working since everyone else I know has said that they felt horrible after the booster. But also I don’t want to complain about being better than everyone… LOL. Anyway, I’m so grateful for the vaccines and science and I have to mention that.

The vaccines are what make me feel safe to attend things like my ballet class or library events such as the book club and craft nights, which are all masked. I also get to hang out with friends from time to time unmasked as well. While I know it won’t necessarily keep me from getting Covid, it does make me feel a lot safer knowing it wouldn’t be so bad at the end of the day if I did get it. Especially with that new variant!

I can’t believe I turned 30 this year! It’s such a cool milestone and I’m so happy to be in my 30’s. I know most people will act super dramatic about how their youth has ended but honestly I feel better than ever. I’ve heard it’s basically like being in your 20’s but with money, so how would that be bad??? I am a dog mom now, so I do have other responsibilities, but it’s so nice to be in my 30’s finally!

I’m also so grateful for my son, Fox, the Chihuahua. According to the shelter I got him from, he’s turning 5 next week. Personally I think he’s a few years older than that, since his chin and nose is full of white hair but they said 5 so that’s what we’re going with. I love having Fox around, even though we have had a rougher start than I anticipated and we are both still adjusting to this day. He’s just so loving and sweet! Well, most of the time anyway. Especially now that he is getting used to our routine!

Also, I can’t get over how I managed to get two jobs this year! After being unemployed for most of last year and well into this year, it was such a great feeling to be employed again. My first new job was full of cool new coworkers and paid slightly more than my previous job that I was furloughed from. Then my current job is a ton more money and full of more cool new coworkers! I’m so thankful for how that worked out.

Although being out of a job for so long in 2020 and into 2021 was not fun, I did learn a ton from the experience. It gave me a real appreciation of the value of rest, and I was able to take advantage of the time to recover from extreme burnout. I also got the time to indulge on various hobbies, spent time with my sweet puppy niece, and learn about personal finance. Clearly, it was a little stressful being unemployed, so I took the time to learn how best to manage my money and learn as much as possible. I’m super pleased that I made so much improvement on how I do things and while I wouldn’t have wanted a pandemic and unemployment to be the catalyst for the change, I am glad I took advantage of a less-than-ideal situation.

So those are some tales of what I’ve considered to be the “best” of my 2021! Let me know what your best of 2021 has been. I’d love to know!

Thanks for reading!


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