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2021 in Review

Hello everyone! For today’s Blogmas post, I wanted to share the highlights of my 2021!

I love to look back at all my Life posts and pick one (or two) highlights of each month to revisit! It’s such a great way to look back and be grateful for all the experiences this year brought me. I’ll link my life posts for each month too, just in case you want to revisit them too!

January 2021 in Review

In January of 2021 I ended up writing an 80,000 word novel! I was quite proud of it, and still am very proud of that accomplishment. I’ve since started editing the novel and even planning more books set in the same world as it, which is always fun.

February 2021 in Review

Honestly February was pretty boring when I went to look at it, so I would skip that post if I were you. Basically the only highlight was my ballet classes. Although it was a funny little memory of how the building was closed except for people in the classes, so we had to go early to be let in by the instructor. The building is open now, so we don’t need to do that anymore, but it’s crazy to think how restricted it was back then.

March 2021 in Review

my march life arya camp cuddles

The highlight of 2021 was Camp Cuddles! I love when my puppy niece visits and recalling the days of when I was a stay at home dog aunt who was always available for snuggles was so nice! I love Arya so much and she’s the sweetest pup. I also enjoyed that she was always up for a walk and she loved endless days of snuggles and cuddles.

April 2021 in Review

April had been a cool month, as I’d had a lot going on! The highlight I picked for April was the fact that I got my vaccine in April! (Well, the first of two.) I recall being so relieved and ecstatic that I was finally able to safely go about my life again. It really felt like so many doors had opened and I was thrilled to have that opportunity come back into my life.

May 2021 in Review

May’s highlight was that I had started a new job! At that point, I’d been unemployed for over a year, so I was so relieved to finally have a job again. I ended up working as an academic and financial advisor for an online university. Looking back, the school was a bit of a scam, as they really didn’t offer enough resources to the students to make up for their high costs, in my opinion. However I loved that it was a remote job and my coworkers were great too.

Oh, also I turned 30! Omg I almost forgot to call that out! I literally scheduled the post and then came back to update this section. Happy 30th to me!

June 2021 in Review

my june life 2021 Obama Portraits

In June, I took a trip to Chicago! One of the cool things I got to experience was seeing the Obama portraits in the Chicago Art Institute with my sister and her roomie. The portraits were amazing although the exhibit as a whole was underwhelming. The rest of the museum was gorgeous as always, and we really enjoyed our time there. Although we did get tornado alerts in one of the galleries that was slightly, well, alarming.

July 2021 in Review

camp cuddles summer 2021 Arya

Camp Cuddles Summer edition was super fun! The sweet baby Arya had a grand time at Camp Cuddles, although she did wish her auntie would stop putting her in ridiculous hats.

August 2021 in Review

In August of this year, I started a new job! Deja vu? Well, I ended up getting a job in my old industry less than three months after starting my job at the online university. I am so thrilled to be back in the event management world and I’m loving my new job and new team. The company is in a weird, awkward high growth stage, but so far so good!

September 2021 in Review

my september life 2021 fox

In September, I became a dog mom! I adopted my sweet boy, Fox, early September. I’ve recently shared my experience with adopting a shelter dog, and his struggles, but we are making great progress and I love having him around. Plus, he has the cutest little face I ever did see!

October 2021 in Review

October was a really fun month when I looked back! It was hard to pick one thing, but I loved going apple picking with my sister and her friends. We had a great time going to two apple orchards, getting food, hanging out, and they were all so pleasant to meet! It was really nice to get out, explore a new place, and have some fun outside of my usual spots.

November 2021 in Review

November was pretty quiet. I think the highlight there was the holidays! Day of the Dead early in the month and Thanksgiving at the end. It was nice to be able to enjoy the holidays and focus on the fun.

December 2021 in Review

This will be a bit of a spoiler as the December 2021 Life post hasn’t even been written yet! So far, I would say there have been a few highlights and hopefully a few more to come. My sister and puppy niece came over for a few days, which was lovely except for the fact that Fox did not get along with Arya… Poor Arya kept getting barked at! So maybe that may not have been the highlight considering Arya didn’t have the best time. Another great thing was that I got my booster vaccine!

So that’s the highlights of my 2021! Feel free to share one or two of yours if you’d like. I’d appreciate it!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Aww what a cute doggo you’ve adopted there. And I like how you broke down your review to months. I myself am thankful for finally seeing my SF novel in print and in bookstores, and having some press time too. Anyway, thanks for this post!

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