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Christmas Movies I’ve Watched This Year

Hello everyone! For today’s Blogmas, I wanted to do something festive and share the Christmas movies I’ve watched.

Normally I don’t watch this many, but one of my new coworkers and I decided to pick a weekly movie and watch it. Plus, I did watch another one on my own! All of these are on Netflix, by the way, since it’s one of the only remaining streaming services I kept.

Single All the Way

The first Christmas pick was Single All the Way. Although it was terribly cheesy, it was my favorite of the films this year. It was just really funny and sweet at the end, and the cast was incredible. The idea is that the main character asks his best friend/roommate to pretend to be his boyfriend after the guy that he had initially invited for Christmas doesn’t work out. He gets home with his friend only to realize that his mom has set him up with a local guy and it actually seems like it’ll work out! I won’t give any more away, but it was a ton of fun to watch this film and I would recommend!

A Castle for Christmas

This was my pick! I figured that since it had Scottish accents and a castle, what could go wrong? Well a lot actually. Although it was just as cheesy as the other film, it just wasn’t as enjoyable for some reason. I did like that there was a quaint little knitting club going on, but overall it was just meh. I did feel like I struggled to get through it and I was disappointed overall.

Love Hard

This was my coworker’s pick. In it, the main character is a young woman who is struggling with online dating in LA. She ends up connecting with someone in New York and decides to fly across the country to surprise him for Christmas, only to find out she’s been catfished. Oh, and she’s a blogger who documents all her dating disasters. As promising as this film was, it was just meh. It started off fine but then the catfish story line was just really uncomfortable to watch. Especially when one lie led to another and another and another! The characters seemed pretty wishy washy overall as well. It was fine, but not great.

The Princess Switch 3

I had really hoped for a fourth Vanessa Hudgens character, but we only got the three still. I thought the film was a fine continuation of the series, although I felt bad watching it and supporting it after Hudgens was so flippant about people dying from Covid at the start of the pandemic. The story of the film though was fine and it was nice to see familiar characters, although it felt like there was getting to be too many characters to really have enough time for them all. Overall it was nice, but not the best.

So those are the Christmas films I’ve watched this year! Hopefully I get a few more in this week leading up to Christmas, but if I don’t, these were a pretty good number to watch!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. […] Single All the Way was the next film I watched, also on Netflix. It was super cheesy but super fun to watch. This one was about a guy who convinces his roommate to pretend to be his boyfriend after the guy he initially invited to Christmas with his family ended up being unavailable. Eventually he gets home and is set up with his mom’s fitness trainer, and there are so many Christmas film tropes to enjoy. The cast is incredible too! Oh, I did talk more about this one and the next three films in my Blogmas post of Christmas Films I’ve Watched. […]


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