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Struggles with Simple Living

Hello everyone! For today’s Blogmas post, I wanted to share my thoughts on what the hard parts about living simply seem to be, at least for me.

Now, I will admit, I’m not an expert by any means, but I do think it’s fair to acknowledge the issues of simple living early on. Here’s what I’ve noticed seem to be some struggles i have with the simple living concepts!

Struggles with Simple Living

I had a running list of struggles I had somewhere but I’ve since misplaced it so I hope I remember everything! Otherwise there might have to be a part two to this.

One of the biggest problems I’ve had is reframing the “fomo” feelings! Now, there hasn’t been too much to give up lately, to be honest, but thinking of what I’ll have to give up if I want to continue to live simply can be frustrating. Living simply is about living more with less, and not living frivolously. I honestly get so annoyed when I get emails of upcoming musical seasons and have to try to pick only a few that I really want to see. It’s hard to miss out! But my priorities are changing and I do have a little dog to care for now so I don’t want to just go to see musicals just to go. Still, spending more time with my dog and saving more money instead of spending on tickets is quite nice so it is all about reframing it!

Another struggle I’ve had is fighting against the urge to “treat yo self”. I love Parks & Recreation and one of the top episodes is the one where Donna and Tom go on their annual “treat yo self” day. Again, the fomo plays a big part in it when so much of our culture focuses on overconsumption and showing off. But ultimately those crazy purchases don’t cause long term happiness as say memories from a cool trip can!

The last struggle I’ll mention is the guilt over getting rid of stuff after decluttering. I love decluttering and it makes me feel productive, but a big issue I have is feeling wasteful when I go to get rid of stuff! I hate the thought of it going from cluttering up my room to cluttering up a landfill, but then it’s not always easy to find a place to donate it to. I have been trying hard to reframe that mindset to remember that even if I did get rid of everything I owned and threw it away, it would still be so much less than say corporate waste would. I’m still trying to get rid of stuff responsibly, for sure, but I want to be kinder to myself if I do need to throw away a shirt with holes or something!

So those are my struggles with simple living and how I’m trying to work around them! Let me know what struggles you face with simple living as well.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Thanks for sharing your struggles and opening up. I guess I have a different mindset. I dont have a fear of missing out because I don’t think I’m missing out. I’m also in my 30s, married and wanna stay home half the time anyway lol so maybe that’s why. But when I wanna treat myself I just do it but I don’t do it every day. Also I love to declutter but will try to find ways to reuse an item. If not I donate it or try to find someone who can use it. I love simple living. It makes me really think about what I buy and bring into my home.

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