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My Nine Best Instagram Pics

Hello everyone! Today’s Blogmas post is all about the top nine pictures on my Instagram from this past year!

Now, I’ll admit, I only posted like 12 pictures this year. I’m just not into Instagram as much as I once was! Still, I decided I was going to need another post and so I still looked up my top posts! Normally, I would just put my username into a site and it would pop up, but I think it got confused since I hid the likes on my posts. Since there weren’t so many, I was able to look through them easily and find the top ones! Now, since my old phone died, I lost some of the pictures, so I had to screenshot my photos from my Instagram! Even so, here they are.

My Nine Best Instagram Pics

The top photo was a selfie of myself walking with my puppy niece! This was on one of our hikes this past summer before I adopted my own pup.

The second photo was a selfie of me in front of some catrinas that I found at a local public building! They were prepping for a big Day of the Dead event so that was fun!

The third photo was a carnation with the balloons of my 30th birthday behind them. It was a very lowkey birthday since we were still in quarantine and I don’t have too many friends close by that I could see.

The fourth photo was a fall picture of myself and Fox! I think we look so cute!

The fifth photo was Fox taking a nap! He’s a cute, chunky boy.

The sixth photo was Fox’s debut on my Insta! I took him for a little hike and he loved it!

The seventh photo was a summer throwback of some peonies in my yard. I love them!

The eighth photo was a summer photo of the patio out to the forest land behind my house. Gorgeous!

The ninth and final photo was one of my plant! I never found out what type of plant it is and the plant is dying now unfortunately but it sure did look cute and did grow for awhile before it went bad!

So those are my top nine photos! Hope you enjoyed that!

Thanks for reading!


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