thoughts on my 100 books reading goal blogmas featured image

Thoughts on my 100 Books Reading Goal

Hello everyone! Today’s Blogmas post is going to be about my thoughts after having set a 100 books reading goal in 2021.

thoughts on my 100 books reading goal blogmas featured image

As per usual, I try to make a reading goal that won’t be too easy but not impossible. Reading 100 books in a year can seem quite daunting, since it’s almost two books a week (if I’m doing the math right). I tend to go through reading slumps though so that can make it tricky, especially at the end if that’s when a slump occurs! Here’s my thoughts on how it went this year.

My Thoughts on my 100 Books Reading Goal

I started the year with a smaller goal I’m pretty sure! I can’t remember it now, but since I thought we’d hopefully be out of the pandemic by now that it’d be harder to read as many books as last year with the quarantine. Eventually it became clear that the year wouldn’t be as eventful as I thought, so I increased the goal and got to reading.

I think I did do a good job at making sure I was reading books I wanted to read instead of trying to read books I thought I should read. I did have the book club books too but it was still fun to read through them (mostly). I did really enjoy most of the books too, thank goodness.

Although I am mostly at home still, I will say that after getting full time employment again it’s harder to read. I no longer enjoy ebooks as much as I had over the quarantine, and I do think it’s because of the fact that I’m staring at screens so much again. I prefer the physical books again, although I do always have a few ebooks available to read. But most of the time now, I work all day during the week and then have an activity after work or just hang out with my dog. During Blogmas I’m kind of stressing as I still have three books to read before the end of the year to meet the goal but most of my weekend is spent writing blog posts or doing other activities! I think I’m making good progress though, so at least there’s that!

For 2022 I’m thinking maybe a 50 book goal will work better so it’ll be more along the lines of one book per week! I think that seems pretty reasonable, especially if I manage my time better.

So that’s how my 100 books reading goal went! I’m still not done, that’s true but I think I’ll make it just fine as I’m almost done with one and at least a third of the way done into the other two.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Thats a huge goal! I just started getting back into reading and usually try to read 3 books a month. I would love to find a book club to motivate me! I feel you though with working full time. Its so hard to find the time to sit back, relax and read.

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    • Yeah, it really isn’t one I’ll be attempting now that I work full time again haha! It is just so much harder to fit them all in! But I would recommend a book club to stay motivated, even if it’s an online one!


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