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Fearless (Taylor’s Version) Album Review

Hello everyone! For today’s Blogmas post, I wanted to review Fearless (Taylor’s Version) album for you.

fearless (taylor's version) blogmas album review featured image

I typically will review each album of Taylor Swift’s overall and per song! It’s a lot, but so fun so here we go!

Fearless (Taylor’s Version)

I actually wasn’t too familiar with Fearless before Taylor released her version. After listening, it’s wild to think that I went through my youth without hearing these songs. Even if I didn’t listen to them in that 15-25 age range, it still feels so relatable and brings back those fun, crazy, silly memories of those years. I love the overall feel of this album honestly. It feels like such a romantic, rose-colored, nostalgic back to those younger years. The storytelling is just perfection in this album! I did think it was pretty repetitive as it was mainly about relationships and so the same themes popped up a little too much. With her other albums I think it was pretty well balanced, but this one seemed a bit relationship heavy, although the songs were all pretty good!

Now, I have to admit, I didn’t really listen to this album too much after the new songs released either. I typically listen to the CDs in my car when driving so since I don’t really drive places anymore I just didn’t really get too much time with the album! And although I did like the songs and didn’t have as many that I thought I didn’t like at first, I think overall this album just isn’t my favorite. It’s a good one for sure, so nostalgic and fun, but not my favorite! I think mostly the issue I ran with it was that the songs had such similar themes that it was a bit too much to listen to them all in one sitting for the post but individually I do enjoy them.

  1. Fearless (Taylor’s Version) – This was such a pretty song! I really loved hearing this one, and it totally feels like a song for the late teens/early 20’s.
  2. Fifteen (Taylor’s Version) – What a sweet little song! It totally captures that crazy year that is being 15 years old. Especially wishing “you could go back and tell yourself what you know now.”
  3. Love Story (Taylor’s Version) – I did know this song back in the day and loved it. It’s just an iconic Taylor song and I’m so happy to have Taylor’s version to listen to now.
  4. Hey Stephen (Taylor’s Version) – This one was a bit silly but so cute still. It just reminded me of when there would be those cute little crushes at school! This one felt a little younger though, maybe in the pre-teens to early teen range.
  5. White Horse (Taylor’s Version) – This was also a cute little song! I think it matches pretty well with “Hey Stephen” and was great coming in right after that song. Eventually the love fizzles out and it can’t come back, which is conveyed so nicely in this song.
  6. You Belong With Me (Taylor’s Version) – I totally thought this was an earlier song so I was surprised it was in Fearless. I thought it was a debut song! But it is such a fun little song and, again, fits those crazy teen years so well!
  7. Breathe (Taylor’s Version) – At this point in the album it seemed like it was following such a lovely pattern of love songs and then sad songs. This was such a great sad song! Like “White Horse” it explores the fact that sometimes it doesn’t work out and there’s no magic fix to that.
  8. Tell Me Why (Taylor’s Version) – Here was where the pattern finally fell apart! This one I would say it was more of a “breakup” song at last, where the feelings are a bit more fresh and raw rather than the previous sad songs where they were more reflective and thoughtful. This one was still fun though, especially with the more upbeat tune.
  9. You’re Not Sorry (Taylor’s Version) – Another breakup song, but a little more melodic than “Tell Me Why”. Both of these seemed to take the approach that at least one party was willing to try again, but flipped. In this one, the storyteller is not at all interested and it’s pretty clear why!
  10. The Way I Loved You (Taylor’s Version) – After a few more angry breakup songs, it was nice to have this song although it was more edgy for sure. I thought it was kinda of silly since it was putting two relationships in one song and comparing the two. One being more passionate but not too healthy while the other was more boring but easier. This one did feel more mature for sure than the previous songs and more complicated.
  11. Forever & Always (Taylor’s Version) – Another reflective piece to an old love, and it was honestly really sweet. At this point the themes did feel really repetitive although the songs are all still very beautiful and well written.
  12. The Best Day (Taylor’s Version) – This song was suddenly very different as it started with the storyteller being five years old! I really liked the story in the song and thought it was so sweet. It’s such a lovely love song but in a different way as it’s more about family love and the support that a loving family member can provide.
  13. Change (Taylor’s Version) – This song was great! It had such a great message about perseverance and fighting through the tough times together.
  14. Jump Then Fall (Taylor’s Version) – This was a fun song that felt like a new relationship and that excitement. I greatly enjoyed it!
  15. Untouchable (Taylor’s Version) – This song was very melodic and sweet as well. Honestly this one felt more like a song that Taylor might write today, although she’d likely include some more difficult vocabulary if that was the case.
  16. Forever & Always (piano version) (Taylor’s Version) – I honestly loved the piano version so much! I think it fits the song better.
  17. Come In With the Rain (Taylor’s Version) – This song was so melodic and lovely to listen to! I think at this point in listening to the album I was really tired and so I had to restart it but I really liked it when I went back.
  18. Superstar (Taylor’s Version) – I did really like this song, although it is funny to think that she was famous when she wrote this so she must have known she had some super fans at this point too!
  19. The Other Side of the Door (Taylor’s Version) – This song again felt repetitive but on it’s own it was nice.
  20. Today Was a Fairytale (Taylor’s Version) – This song also felt repetitive but not just because of the themes. The lyrics would repeat a lot too! I did like it, but I think I was so over the romantic themes at this point because I wanted to get to the end if I’m being honest!
  21. You All Over Me (From the Vault) – This was the first of the vault songs, and I really liked the sound of it. Again, it matches the themes of the rest of the albums a bit too much but I liked the reflective point of view of it.
  22. Mr. Perfectly Fine (From the Vault) – This wasn’t too new to me since it was everywhere on TikTok when it first came out. It’s pretty fun, and brought back the fun TikTok memories for sure.
  23. We Were Happy (From the Vault) – This was a really sweet, reflective piece as well! Again, repetitive at this point, but great on it’s own.
  24. That’s When (From the Vault) – Same thing! Repetitive but fun.
  25. Don’t You (From the Vault) – Repetitive again, but really a great sound and song.
  26. Bye Bye Baby (From the Vault) – This song was fine, but not my favorite by a long shot! It didn’t seem as strong as the others but it fit the rest of the album for sure.
  27. Love Story (Taylor’s Version) (Elvira Remix) – While I prefer the non-remix version, it’s still a fun version!

So those are my thoughts on the Fearless (Taylor’s Version) album! Let me know which songs are your favorite out of this album!

Thanks for reading!


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