to the passport of my 20's blogmas featured image

To The Passport Of My 20’s

Hello everyone! I was feeling dramatic the other day so I figured I would give an official goodbye to the passport I held during my 20’s.

to the passport of my 20's blogmas featured image

I recently renewed my passport and when the new one came in, the old one was not included. I was so sad! I had some lovely memories in that passport and am so sad that it didn’t make it back to me. Anyway, as I mentioned, I thought I’d write a little something specifically for that passport.

To The Passport Of My 20’s

The passport of my 20’s was a wonderful little book. I’d had a children’s passport for years until I needed a new one to go study abroad. With my new passport, I figured I’d get a few uses out of it at least after I spent a semester abroad.

After getting the new passport, I had to hand it over to the Spanish embassy though, and got it mailed back shortly after with my new student visa. Eventually the visa let me into Spain, which then let me into Italy and France as well for a fun spring break.

A few years after that, I started going to Mexico once a year to see my grandfather and other family members. I greatly enjoyed those trips and had a blast sharing my trips on here. And, even with domestic travel I would typically use my passport. I figured I might as well get more use out of it after all!

I really loved that little passport. Every time I brought it out I would fondly remember all the experiences I had abroad, the friends I’d made, and the adventures I’d gone on. I hope the passport of my 30’s will be just as fun and uplifting.

I will say, the new passport is super fancy! The photo page is now a hard card in the passport! I do think that the number of pages seem like a lot less though? I’m a little confused on that one but I’m excited to have a new passport at last.

Thanks for reading!


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