thursday tales: my experience with manifestation blogmas featured image

Thursday Tales: My Experience with Manifestation

Hello everyone! Today, I thought I would share some experiences I’ve had with manifestation!

thursday tales: my experience with manifestation blogmas featured image

Now, I know not everyone really is into manifestation so if it helps to consider these strange coincidences, then that’s fine! But I thought I’d share nonetheless. For me, manifestation is basically speaking a goal or desire out into the universe and then letting the universe do it’s thing. That doesn’t mean that I’m completely hands off though, just that I keep going down my path and know that eventually my wish will come true as long as I keep moving down the path.

Thursday Tale #1: A Cool Colored Car

This one is a throwback to my high school days! I decided I was going to get a car instead of a large party for my 15th birthday. I told my dad it would be cool if it was a unique color instead of like a black or white car. I ended up with an orange car! It was a 2004 Orange Ford Mustang and I loved that car for years. Eventually I totaled it when it was rainy out but that car was so cool and I’m so happy I was able to drive a really fun car in my youthful days.

Thursday Tale #2: Study Abroad in Barcelona

Having been a 90’s Disney Channel kid, I loved The Cheetah Girls 2 when they went to Barcelona. I loved the scene where they stood at the window and whispered “Barcelona” to manifest their trip themselves. So when I was in college and I decided I wanted to study abroad, I rewatched the film after deciding on Barcelona myself. For about a year leading up to the trip, I would wish for “Barcelona” on each 11:11 I saw. Then, in January of 2012, I found myself in Barcelona! I spent an amazing five and a half months there, and I love that I had that experience.

Thursday Tale #3: A Sabbatical

This one is honestly kind of ridiculous! Obviously I did not manifest a worldwide pandemic but at the time when I was furloughed, I was incredibly burnt out and in need of a break, so being unemployed was honestly the best case scenario for me. I mean, it was still a traumatic and sad time, and it continues to be for many. But at that point I had “joked” that I needed a year off of working to recover from the toxic work environment I had been in and from having completed my Master’s degree while remaining employed in the years leading up to that. Honestly, the break ended up really allowing me to reset and recharge. While I wish we hadn’t had to experience a pandemic and quarantine situation, I did need a break and it did come along when I needed it most.

Thursday Tale #4: A Job by 30

After a year of being unemployed due to the aforementioned pandemic, I was ready to return to work! The job market was picking up again and so I made it a goal to have a job by my 30th birthday. Sure enough, I got an offer two weeks before my birthday! I ended up leaving that job after about three months, but it was still a great feeling to have reached that goal.

Thursday Tale #5: Getting Back into the Event Industry

After starting that aforementioned job, I realized that I missed working in the event industry. I was trying to get into hospitality but had ended up in higher education, and realized I missed my old industry. So I put it out to my network of friends/former coworkers. Soon enough, one of them came through with a job lead at her new employer, I applied, and was hired pretty quickly after! I am so thankful to be back when so many others that I knew had to move to other industries or continue to struggle to get back. I’m so happy it worked out for me!

So that’s my experience with manifesting! Honestly, I am so thankful for all the experience I’ve had as I’ve learned so much from each of them.

Thanks for reading!


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