update on my 2021 goals blogmas featured image

Update on my 2021 Goals

Hello everyone! Today, I wanted to go over my 2021 goals with you.

update on my 2021 goals blogmas featured image

At the start of each year I do blog and life goals, so that’s what I will be reviewing today! There’s quite a few and, as per usual, I don’t remember what the goals were so I’m not sure if I completed them! I need to get better about keeping track of these goals!

My 2021 Blog Goals Update

#1 Reach 5k Blog Views

Since my blog views have been going down steadily for years, I figured I’d be lucky to reach 5k views in 2021. Well, the year isn’t over yet but I’m actually a little over 8k view! That’s actually a bit higher than last year at 7k. That’s super cool to see! Although I don’t obsess over my views, it’s still nice to see so many views at the end of the year. Thank you!

#2 Rehaul the Blog

I did this one too! I didn’t do a full rehaul like I originally wanted. I really wanted to go back and delete old photos/posts and I didn’t want to keep up anymore. I think I started to delete old photos, maybe one or two posts, but mostly it’s stayed in tact. I did finally update those headers and update my about page (which was about 2 years old!). I’m so happy I did this!

#3 Post one video to my YouTube Channel per month

Oh no… Well I started strong but ultimately did not complete this one. I love YouTube and I love making videos, but if I’m being honest, my videos are just boring! I’m much stronger as a blogger than a vlogger so I’m sticking with my strengths.

#4 Post twice a week every week, finish BirthMay and Blogmas

I am well on my way for this one! I think I skipped a handful of posts here and there during the year but I’m not too fussed about that. I did finish BirthMay and am working my way through Blogmas now!

#5 Start Blogging in Spanish

Well this is year #2 of forgetting about this goal. Maybe 2022 will be the year?

My 2021 Life Goals

#1 Get a New Job

I started the year unemployed so it was my top goal to get a new job. I got two! My first new job of 2021 was back in May when I worked as an academic and finance advisor for an online university. That job was fun due to the coworkers I had but ultimately was not a great fit for me. Still, I was earning more than I had at my old job and was determined to make it work. Then, a former coworker reached out with a lead at her new employer, back in my old industry. After her recommendation, I started a new job in August! So basically this goal was completed twice!

#2 Travel somewhere new (to me – if possible)

Hm, does a new town in the far west suburbs of Chicago count? It really didn’t even feel like it was the suburbs anymore to be honest, it felt like it was rural Illinois as we went to an apple orchard super far away. That probably doesn’t count now that I really think about it. But I still haven’t traveled this year due to the ongoing pandemic mostly, but also due to the fact that I was unemployed the first half of the year and then newly employed with no time off the rest of it. Maybe next year! I guess it was possible to travel and I could have done a weekend trip if I really wanted to, but I didn’t want to! I’d rather just wait for the pandemic to be truly over.

#3 Buy Property

Alas, I did not buy a new home or land. I am still undecided where I want to live so I want to wait to have a clearer idea.

#4 Edit my book

I’m going to count this one as done! I’m not technically done editing it, because it does need a lot more work, but I have gotten a lot done in my first round of edits!

#5 Write something new every month

Oh I wish I had kept up with this one! And actually, it’s funny this was a goal, as I actually wanted to make this a goal for 2022 for myself LOL. Spoiler alert!

So those are my updates! I feel pretty good about this honestly. I think my blog goals went way better than I thought they would, while my life goals fell a tad short. It’s just still an unpredictable time in my life to be honest, so it’s nice to meet as many as possible.

Thanks for reading!


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