my 2021 christmas tree featured image

My 2021 Christmas Tree

Hello everyone! Today’s post is all about my 2021 Christmas Tree!

my 2021 christmas tree featured image

Now, this post is up a bit late, since I totally thought I already had another post scheduled for yesterday! Turns out I didn’t even though I thought I had already written/scheduled the post! For yesterday’s post I think I just mixed up my memories of writing a ton a posts and thinking I had included yesterday’s in them, but who knows. I have had an instance a few years ago where I fully wrote out a post, scheduled it, realized I needed to edit something, and the post had completely disappeared. So maybe I did actually write it and it disappeared? I’m just not sure! I am backdating this so I hope it still shows up for everyone! Anyway, here’s my Christmas Tree!

My 2021 Christmas Tree

my 2021 christmas tree

Here is my tree! I really loved the light blue theme that seems to be super popular this year, but I didn’t have enough light blue ornaments so I did blue and silver together. There’s too many ornaments in the house so I couldn’t justify buying new ornaments at all, I just used what we had! We had a set of blue and silver baubles from a few years ago, blue and silver bead strings, clear and blue diamond ornaments, and a few miscellaneous ornaments I included that were DIY projects or that my mom added in. (She added that red ornament even though it doesn’t match!)

I have to admit it’s not the best color scheme as the dark blue does not stand out among the dark green of the tree. This color scheme worked a lot better when we had a white tree! But I do still like it and it took too long to redo so that’s just how it is this year!

Hope you like the tree!

Thanks for reading!


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