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My November Life

Hello everyone! Today, I’m sharing some fun highlights of my life this past month. It’s been quite the roller coaster honestly!

my november life featured image

There was some snow this month, which was fun to experience because most of my new coworkers are in California. The moment I mentioned it was snowing, one of them asked me if I could make her a snowman, to which I told her no because the snow isn’t sticking yet. It was pretty funny to me that she expected me to already have enough snow for that!

Anyway, here is what I’ve been up to this month!


Dia de Muertos (Day of the Dead)

Like past years, there is never a proper ofrenda but I do my best! I put it on our unused dining table because at this point I have a lot of stuff for the ofrenda. We didn’t do the candle, since I get nervous the scent will be bad for my new dog, and we didn’t have marigolds because we couldn’t find any! But otherwise it was fun to put up and I had a great time with it. I did make sure to tell Fox that if his ancestors came that he shouldn’t bark at them. And then a little later in the day he randomly did bark at nothing! Honestly he probably heard something we couldn’t, but it was funny to imagine it was our ancestors!


Onto the next holiday, Thanksgiving! Since I can’t cook, I don’t normally contribute much. I do bake but since the oven was busy with the turkey, that was out of the question too. However, it was a great dinner from my mom and it was just my parents, dog, and myself!


Fox’s training has been going well! He doesn’t bark like crazy anymore and he’s finally learned what “sit” means! Unfortunately, he will pretty much only sit if there is a treat involved, and he also stops walking during training about halfway through, which means that I have to drag him around in class LOL. We were told at one point to switch dogs with someone else and I ended up with a cute little doxie, Duke. Fox ended up with another woman who is the mom of a sweet mix named Emmett. Fox was SO CONFUSED. He kept trying to get back to me and ignoring the woman, which I found funny because he usually acts like he doesn’t really care for me!

Also this month, Fox bit my dad. I for sure thought we were getting kicked out, but my dad did admit it was his fault. He said he wanted to take Fox’s blanket out from under him to cover him up but Fox must have gotten annoyed at being disturbed so he tried warning my dad. When my dad ignored the warning, Fox bit him. I am taking Fox to behavior training as I freaked out after the bite. Upon further reflection though, I do this it wasn’t Fox’s fault at all and it probably wouldn’t happen again since it wasn’t unprovoked if he isn’t bothered again.

Home and Intentional Living

This month, I made a big change. I finally moved my personal laptop off my desk in my home office. I wanted to leave my desk dedicated to work stuff so I could try to separate my work from home stuff a bit more. While I used to hang out a lot more in my office, now I really don’t! I just go in there to work and that’s about it. I realized that I was using my laptop more downstairs in the living room, so I moved my laptop there. I really like it more now and it makes me a lot more productive in both areas.

So that’s pretty much all I have to share this month! It’s been super lowkey and quiet, which is perfect for this time of year. Now, I’m just gearing up for Blogmas!

Thanks for reading!


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