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Updated ACNH Video Game Review

Hello everyone! Today, I thought I’d update my video game review of Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

updated acnh game review featured image

Since the 2.0 update, and the paid DLC of Happy Home Paradise, the game has felt as if it’s almost a brand new game. Although the game is no longer as big as it previously was, I do still enjoy it, so I thought I’d share a bit.

Updated ACNH Game Review

I’ll start just by going over the base game’s 2.0 update. When I watched the Nintendo Direct last month for the 2.0 update, I was blown away. I’m not going to lie, I didn’t expect that much from the announcement beyond Brewster. Quickly, it became apparent that Brewster was the most “boring” part of the update! Beyond Brewster there were so many new things introduced, such as other NPCs from previous Animal Crossing games, more exterior home design options, and tons of new items to collect. Once the update to Harv’s island was introduced, and farming, it was clear the entire game was going to feel almost brand new.

As for the gameplay, I was surprised how expensive some of the in-game updates were, such as upgrading the house storage or enacting the ordinances. I did like that moving buildings was cheaper, so that would likely help offset some of those costs, but that was still surprising. Another surprise was the fees for Harv’s Island. While not unreasonable, it was pretty surprising that we had to pay for the areas that weren’t a part of our own island. But it was still fun to uncover them one by one and see what each had to offer. I also like that the new items, while I would like to get them more quickly, are still scattered in how to obtain them. I love that it isn’t overwhelming with the new items but I can still get new stuff pretty steadily. Plus, I love how the game developers were able to add enough items for all the popular “cores”.

I’m not going to lie, I do think that in a lot of ways this update was released way too late. It was pretty much everything fans of the game had been asking for and more, which was amazing, but they had been asking for a very long time for those updates. In general, the excitement for the game had waned by Turkey Day 2020, and while the Toy Day update did bring back some people and excitement, once the one year mark for the game came with no major update, I did notice a ton of people drop off from the game. I don’t think the update was too little, not by a long shot, but it was too late.

I started playing the game pretty late, as I didn’t get a Switch or the game until August of 2020, months after what felt like everyone else. But now that I’ve been playing for over a year I did feel like the game was getting old for me. I was super excited for the update, feeling like that was going to be what would help me get excited for the game again. And it did! For a little bit. But not even a month after the update, I’m a little bored already. It took me a little bit to figure out why, but I think because for the most part, after the update released, it was new stuff, but it was done the same way. For example, new items would show up the same way as the old stuff, or cooking was the same process as crafting, and so on.

I have seen the debate surrounding the question of whether the update would have been better as smaller updates scattered throughout the year or one big update. I think the one big update was great, but should have happened March or April 2021 as a one year anniversary update instead. I still enjoy the game, but I’m just not as into it as I was before so it is cool, but hard to get back into.

Happy Home Paradise Review

I wanted to keep my Happy Home Paradise review separate, as it is a paid DLC. The DLC was $25 USD I believe, and I think it was a great price for what we got! I have greatly enjoyed the concept for the DLC, and I love how the storyline there unfolded. I had expected to have full access to all the gameplay features but certain things only unlocked after a certain number of homes designed and even culminated in a beach music festival. I loved how that was done, since it mirrored the base game’s storyline that would unlock things like terraforming after a certain number of villagers were moved in and culminated in a K.K. concert.

I do love that we get to use those items and features back on our island, as well as being able to order stuff with Poki from the catalog and later being able to order it through Nook Shopping with Bells. I do love that multiple animals can share the same plot so we don’t run out of space and aren’t limited to a certain number of characters. I also loved decorating the facilities and different areas of the facilities, such as the main dining room and the kitchen of the restaurant. Plus, being able to redecorate them continuously and still earn more Poki is great! But on top of all of that, the most exciting thing is arriving at work and seeing which characters are waiting for a vacation home and what their preferred theme is.

I do think that the DLC was a great addition to the game and how every player gets their own archipelago to play on, unlike how all players on a switch have to share a single island. I do think that the DLC and the 2.0 update to the base game being released at the same time was a great, exciting announcement. Even so, I think I would have preferred the 2.0 update back in March or April and the DLC separately. Since it’s a paid DLC, I do want to add that I do think it is worth the price, but it isn’t required to enjoy the game updates since the items will still be available. Although I am in need of a break from the game, it’s still a fun and exciting update overall.

So those are my thoughts on the 2.0 update and DLC of ACNH! Let me know your thoughts if you’re still playing!

Thanks for reading!


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