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Two Weeks Without a Phone

Hello everyone! Please enjoy this post about my (almost) two weeks without a phone!

I must start by saying RIP to my wonderful Google Pixel 2, which officially died forever at the end of October. I had my Pixel 2 since 2018 I think, and it was a great phone all these years. And I knew the end was coming since it was doing crazy stuff like turning off every time I plugged it in to charge or just turning off at 30% battery left saying it was dead. Anyway, one morning I went to lock my phone screen, it turned black and then it refused to boot up anymore. I managed to get as far as putting in my passcode once, and then never again.

Anyway, two days after that was the Pixel 6 announcement, I preordered it, and then got it the following week. In all, I was without a phone a total of ten days. So really, it was a week and a half, but that would make for a very long blog title. Anyway, here is what I experienced in the two weeks without a phone.

Two Weeks Without A Phone

So I’m going to go ahead and say that it made me laugh how much everyone else freaked out at the fact that I didn’t have a phone for a bit. Everyone that I talked to would instantly panic for me! I would just explain that I would borrow a cell phone from my parents if I did go out just to make sure I had one for emergencies if needed, but otherwise I had my old laptop and iPad for entertainment purposes. Both my laptop and iPad are super old too though, so I didn’t have access to a lot of apps that I normally use. For example, I was in the midst of rolling over my old 401k accounts and my iPad couldn’t support the app for the financial institution I was using, so I could only access it via my laptop. Overall it was fine, just annoying to have to track what I could use on what device instead of having one central device to access everything.

As for me, when my phone died, I was annoyed at the inconvenience, as I pretty much did everything with my phone from staying up to date with the news, to banking, to reading ebooks, etc. I basically had to reset every single password I had because I had no idea what they were anymore for anything! Luckily, it was something I had been wanting to do for a long time anyway. On top of wanting to reset my password, I also wanted to update my email address for a ton of accounts. I used to use the same email for everything which was a pain because over the years it’s gotten a ton of spam. I now have other emails for specific uses so I’ve changed that and am planning to shut down that old email address soon. So once I reset everything and created new strong passwords for everything, I just had to wait for the new phone to come in!

I will say that honestly those were the most annoying things about not having a phone! Not being able to access stuff when I wanted to. I would either have to use my old, slow laptop or the iPad but both can only connect via wifi, so if I wanted to check something when I was out, I couldn’t! Oh, also, I don’t regularly carry my extra cards anymore like my physical Starbucks card so that was frustrating too when I tried to go to places and realized when I was already on my way that I didn’t have my card! Ah well, all I had to do was either not go or dig out the physical card anyway, so it was fine.

I did get lots of questions from people on what phone I was going to get. All the crazy iPhone fans could not believe I was still not getting an iPhone! I can’t really blame them though, I was a crazy iPhone fan once too so I get it! But iPhones just don’t work for me, even though I have a MacBook Pro laptop and an iPad. But when I had an iPhone (I think I had a 6?) it just wasn’t a great fit and I didn’t like it! I would tell everyone that I loved my old Pixel so much and the newly announced one sounded great, so that’s what I was getting. Everyone who is an Android fan seemed to be fine with that!

Anyway, here’s what I really thought about not having a phone. Honestly, my life didn’t actually change! I think people hear “no phone” and expect that my life either fell apart or I had some life-changing experience where I realized I didn’t need a phone or something. That wasn’t the case at all! I instead found that I just had to change my habits a bit and reset a ton of passwords, which was annoying for a little bit but then it was fine. My family and friends were inconvenienced as it did take me longer to reply to stuff if I was out or just didn’t check my social media but they adapted really well surprisingly!

Once the new phone came in though, I was so happy that Google was able to transfer pretty much everything! I had all my contacts, texts, photos, apps, etc.! I only manually downloaded a handful of things because they had been connected to other Gmail accounts instead of my main, which I didn’t realize. And I actually deleted a lot of apps I don’t use often or just didn’t download them which was great! I logged into stuff, set up my fingerprint login for a ton of others, and now life is pretty much back to normal! One fun thing that came out of it was that the Pixel 6 had a promo of free Pixel Buds when I bought it, so now I also have some cool new earbuds to go with the cool new phone. At first, I had regretted getting them because I didn’t think I needed them but a few days after the phone came in my old (wired) earbuds broke. So perfect timing!

And that’s my mostly uneventful two weeks without a phone! I couldn’t believe that it was honestly pretty easy to get by without one, albeit pretty annoying at times. I wouldn’t recommend going without one on purpose though, but it can be done!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. It is crazy how we rely so heavily on our phones. I can believe you had a phone that old and it lasted that long! Thats incredible!!! I would be lost also. I read books, blog, shop and do everything imaginable from my phone. Maybe we all need a phone break.

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  2. Whoa, I actually DO want to be without my phone for a couple of weeks, because I actually feel wired when I use it too much. It’s interesting how you were able to just let it go like that. Anyway, thanks for this post!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Glad you enjoyed the post! Haha I totally understand that feeling too! The few times I’ve voluntarily gone without a phone have been during extended vacations to visit family in Mexico. I don’t bother getting data for those trips so I just keep my phone in case I need to make an emergency call, but otherwise I don’t bother to use it! So I guess my recommendation is to take an international vacation? Haha otherwise maybe a designated “no phone day” or something could work!

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