5 Things I Regret Buying

Hello everyone! Today I thought I’d share five things that I regret buying!

If you’ve been here for awhile, you will know that I’ve been trying to live more minimally and simply. Long story short, I’m struggling with the “decluttering” process because I feel bad for being so wasteful in getting rid of things that could still be considered “useful” by someone. Even if that someone isn’t me!

As I have decluttered I have come across many things I regret buying, and so I thought I’d share five items that I regret bringing into my life that I didn’t really need.

5 Things I Regret Buying

1 – So. Many. Foundations.

I have realized how many foundations I owned when I was going through my makeup that I never wear anymore! Of course, at the time it was “justified” because I had a full time office job so I was wearing makeup everyday for work, then usually on weekends to go run errands or do other activities. Then, I would need different shades or formulas as I would be more tan some times or some would have SPF while others wouldn’t, and so on.

However, once the pandemic hit and I was staying home everyday, I realized how I wasn’t going to use up the items before they expired. And the sad thing was I had paid quite a bit of money for a lot of those items! I really wish I had picked one favorite and just stuck to it until it was completely out.

2 – Beach Towels

While these have been helpful in the past when I travelled more, I realized lately that I just don’t like them! They’re always crazy colors and I rarely use them but I have so many! Part of the reason that I have so many is my mom. For some reason, even though I explained to her that I had a beach towel that I’d only used a few times she insisted I needed a new one every time we went to Mexico. Something about how we couldn’t show up with “old” towels. But the towels I’d planned to take were barely used as it was! Since we used to go every year pre-pandemic, I now have a lot of towels. I plan to use one for my new dog for his towel, throw one in the car for any emergencies that might occur, and then maybe see if I can donate the rest to a nearby shelter or something.

3 – Subscription Boxes

I know I’ve admitted this one before but I’ll say it again! At the time I did really enjoy the boxes, so it’s hard to say I regret them when they were fun to unbox. But really, that was the best part when it should have been enjoying the items in the box! Seeing what was in each box and sharing it on the blog was the highlight of the process (without me getting paid to do so, I might add – I don’t do this blog for the money but it is sad thinking about how I used to give away free promotion like that too!). Now, I do still use items I got from the boxes and do still enjoy them, but if I’m being honest, my life wouldn’t have been worse if I hadn’t gotten the boxes or those items. I have since given away a ton of those items and I was happy to do that, but it still pains me to think of the many, many dollars that went into getting boxes full of random stuff I didn’t really want, much less need.

4 – Heels

I worked retail in a women’s shoes department for a bit after college while I job hunted and I cringe every time I open my closet and see a ton of heels I have never worn. Well, okay a few I have worn maybe a few times. I didn’t pay much for each individual pair as I had a discount but it does add up. I also go back and forth on a lot of these as well. I always think of how hard it can be to find the “right” shoe if I need it for an event or something but then I remember I’m never invited to any events! I don’t even need a pair for interviews anymore since all my recent interviews were over the phone or Zoom where no one sees your shoes. I suppose I still keep them thinking I will need them for work or something eventually. But there’s no way I’m going to walk around convention halls in heels to be completely honest with you. I did see a TikTok recently of someone admitting she still keeps pencil skirts because her younger, naive self thought she was going to be the kind of person who would work somewhere requiring a certain dress code with pencil skirts. I think mine is much of the same thing! But I know I will get rid of some of those pairs eventually!

5 – “Extras” of Anything!

I used to be the type of person who would always want to have “an extra” of everything to be “prepared”. But “an extra” turned into just “extras”. Guess how many extra candles I have? Just where I’m sitting I can count seven. Guess how many I light on a regular basis? Zero! I used to light a candle or two or three every day and I did enjoy them. But I don’t anymore and now I’m stuck with all these extras I can’t get rid of! No one wants them! They are a key element of hygge which I have been interested in so I might try to use them up this winter but the “might” is the part that kills me! What if I don’t? Or even if I do, will I get through all seven candles? Am I going to be writing more posts in the future about all the excess candles??? And that’s just ONE example of extras!

So, there you have it! Five things I regret buying. Please feel free to share your purchases that you regret to help me feel less alone and less foolish!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Let me say that I’m also susceptible to buying extras, especially when it comes to stationery, because God forbid I run out of lead or ink! But yeah, I tend to regret those buys too. Anyway, thanks for this post!

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