my new wfh desk tour featured image

My New WFH Desk Tour

Hello everyone! Today, I wanted to share my desk tour!

my new wfh desk tour featured image

I shared a desk tour back in May when I got job after nearly a year of being unemployed due to the pandemic. But less than three months later I dismantled everything, sent it all back, and set up for a new job in my chosen industry!

I’m nearly a month into my new job, so I figured it’s time to share my new desk tour!

My New WFH Desk Tour

There were a ton of differences in how my old job and new job handled the equipment. My old job had told me to be sure someone was physically present to accept the shipped boxes and had sent I think a total of 5 boxes way before I needed it. Everything was in brand new packaging and really good quality. I had been impressed with the booklet they sent with photos of how to put it all together, basic office supplies, little welcome come gifts of a cup, pen, and notebook (all branded), and a scheduled meeting before my first day (albeit, unpaid) to make sure everything was working. There had just been a lot of communication!

But this new job was the opposite almost. My stuff was shipped pretty late, so it barely arrived in time. Then, the stuff was already used (which is honestly fine but I was surprised) and I got sent a PC instead of a laptop! I was honestly a little peeved at the PC, and then I had to go spend almost $100 of my own money to buy a wifi extender to be able to get it connected to the internet. I was lucky my dad already had a CAT5 cord to use, because the one they sent was like a foot long and didn’t reach! I wish they had thought to ask me what I needed so they could either send me a laptop or buy me an extender at least!

I was glad that I didn’t get any branded items though and the equipment was minimal. I also didn’t get any office supplies, thank goodness. I have too much stuff already! I never even used the cup from my last job. So I was glad to not have to deal with extra stuff. But it was a little too minimal when I took into account that my old job even sent a power strip and this one didn’t even send that!

Okay, enough complaining. What I did get was that PC, two monitors, one mouse, keyboard, a headset, and a webcam. Oh, and that tiny CAT5 cord that I put back in the box because I didn’t need it at all. Here’s what it looks like!

my new wfh desk tour

It does NOT stay that clean looking! I had to clear it up a lot before this photo LOL. Anyway, you can see all my equipment and my personal laptop tucked away there. I also keep a small stack of current park district circulations so I can look through them from time to time, a project I keep saying I’ll finish, and some library books to remember to read them. I have my bullet journal with a cup of writing utensils that I use regularly, and I hid some cleaning wipes behind one of my monitors. Oh, I also have one mouse near the mouse pad and the other up on the monitor stand, because if I keep them close together, I will get them confused! Since it’s the weekend when I’m cleaning up and writing this, I have my personal laptop and mouse out in the front. Normally I have some water on my desk too, to stay hydrated so just imagine it! And, when I’m working, I will switch out the bujo for my work notebook that I use for notes during trainings or just to jot down something quickly.

And that’s my new desk tour! I hope you enjoyed getting a sneak peek into my work from home set up. Unfortunately I also don’t have a standing or walking desk, but maybe someday LOL!

Thanks for reading!


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