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Meet My Dog!

Hello everyone! Today is super exciting because I’m introducing my newly adopted dog, Fox!

meet my dog featured image

I have loved taking care of my puppy niece during many Camp Cuddles in these recent years, and now I have a dog of my very own to love! I’ll be sharing a bit about the adoption process and about my new son, Fox, in this post.

Adopting a Dog

I knew I wanted a Chihuahua already, since my puppy niece is a Chihuahua and so I wanted to hopefully get a lot of the same personality traits as her in my dog. Of course, every dog is different but I figured it’d increase the likelihood of it! I did want a dog that maybe was a bit more active than my puppy niece and an older dog that was somewhat trained hopefully.

I won’t get too much into the details of how I selected Fox but my sister was actually the one who found him and sent me his info so I could consider it. I ended up saying yes to adopting him!

On the adoption day I packed up my puppy niece and got on the train to take her home. I would have loved to keep her around a bit longer but my sister thought that two dogs, especially with one being brand new to the home, would be too much. I agreed and said goodbye to my sweet puppy niece as I dropped her off at my sister’s apartment.

When my sister (who was kind enough to accompany me) and I arrived at the shelter, we were among the first to arrive! They were having a “clear the shelter” event so you could pay what you wanted, minimum of $5, to adopt an animal over 5 months old. The shelter had me answer a questionnaire to make sure that there wasn’t anything crazy in my life that should disqualify me from being able to adopt a dog, and then we went over Fox’s medical history. He doesn’t have a lot but he does have lifelong respiratory problems that I need to me mindful of.

And with that, I was able to adopt the little guy and take him home!

Introducing My New Dog, Fox!

meet my dog Fox

Here’s the little guy! Don’t mind the cow leash and his other accessories, they are all what I brought him home with from the shelter. Fox is a Capricorn, if you were wondering.

meet my dog Fox

He is a pretty good dog, but still has a long way to go. He barks way too much for my liking and tends to throw little tantrums if he doesn’t get his way. He was so offended that he wasn’t allowed on the sofa for example! He’s scared of thunder, just like my puppy niece, so here he is in his thundershirt that he inherited from my puppy niece. He also isn’t fully house trained, which is quite annoying on my part because I’m used to my puppy niece who is very much house trained, but that was something I knew he had problems with already so I’m trying not to get too mad when he has accidents in the house. He also isn’t great on a leash although he did enjoy our hike on a nearby trail a lot. But around the subdivision he hasn’t really gotten the hang of walking on his leash yet. I think that does lead to the accidents as he doesn’t seem to understand that walks are for him to do his business yet but hopefully in time he learns.

meet my dog Fox

He has his own room in the corner of my room! Here he is in his room. I put down an old comforter, his bed, a blanket, and his toy in there. He tends to go hang out in there when I’m on my bed watching a show or movie. He’s pretty chill and I’ll move his bed into my home office so he can nap there while I work during the day. Overall, I think he is adjusting fairly well, we just need to work on a few more things!

So that’s my dog! Fox is well on his way to learning how to be a good boy! I’m currently looking into dog classes so he can learn some commands as he doesn’t seem to know any! Either that or he just doesn’t want to do them haha!

Thanks for reading!


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