camp cuddles summer 2021 pt 3 featured image

Camp Cuddles Summer 2021 Pt. 3

Hello everyone! Today, I wanted to share the last round of photos from the end of Camp Cuddles Summer 2021!

camp cuddles summer 2021 pt 3 featured image

My puppy niece finally went home back to my sister, so I thought I’d put up another few photos! She went home pretty soon after the last post so there’s not too many pictures. Here we go!

More Hiking

camp cuddles summer 2021 pt 3 hiking

I took Arya on another hike at the trail nearby! She was much more excited about it this time and we got through the trail pretty quickly this time as she was more familiar with the area. We went way earlier in the day as that weekend was so much hotter than others had been recently so we also encountered a lot less people too. I put her regular red harness on her this time and she was much more comfortable! She did request a short water break as well, which was obviously accomodated!

Last Minutes Cuddles

camp cuddles summer 2021 pt 3 cuddles

Every time Arya is meant to go back home, I always let her get away with just a tiny bit more than usual. Normally, when I’m at my desk she knows to stay in her bed and sleep or just lay there quietly. However, in the final days of her visit, I would let her hang out on my lap if she wanted to. I just knew I would miss her so much!

Train Ride to Chicago

camp cuddles summer 2021 pt 3 train

Arya isn’t the biggest fan of moving vehicles of any kind so she was a bit freaked out when we boarded the train. She does seem to enjoy adventure, just not the travel portion of it. As she got used to the train though she calmed down a bit. Also, it helped that I was able to let her peek her head out of her carrier and give her pets all the way to the city. My sister met us at the train station and she just about lost her mind! She was so excited to hear her mom’s voice and even popped her head through the little opening even when I zipped her carrier all the way. She was thrilled to be back with her mom!

My sister also recently moved so we were worried Arya would freak out at the new space but she didn’t even seem to mind at all. She just hopped onto her bed as usual and kept giving her mom kisses. I was so sad to say goodbye but the reunion was just so cute that I promptly forgot to be sad!

And that’s the end of Camp Cuddles Summer 2021! I wish she could have stayed even longer but she did have to go home eventually!

Thanks for reading!


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