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My August Life

Hello everyone! Today, I wanted to share what I’ve been up to in August!

my august life 2021 featured image

Weirdly enough, there were so many things I had planned to do that were cancelled, so I totally thought I’d have a lot more to share. But even so, I did manage to get a lot of cool stuff into the month. Here we go!


Quit My Job

I explained in a recent post that I quit my job! I shared that experience in the post, and explained why I did but if you missed it, basically I got a new job and it was my first time in my career voluntarily leaving an employer (I’d only been furloughed before). I had such a positive experience, with my former coworkers and boss being so supportive and happy for me. I still am in contact with a lot of the them on social media and through text, so that is nice!

With quitting my job, I had to ship back all the equipment too. I had saved those boxes so I stuffed everything back in. The problem became that I had been sent about 5 boxes of stuff but only got three labels. So I had to stuff everything and cram it all in. I managed to get everything in there, packaged up, and ready to ship. Unfortunately, it took so long that I wasn’t able to ship it back on that same day that I ended my employment and had to drop it off the next day. The HR person had said that was okay but I had really wanted to ship it back that day. Oh well! Oh, I did realize after that I had accidentally kept the calculator they’d sent me, as I’d put it away since I only used the calculator on my computer. I didn’t reach out to ask if they wanted to get that back, since I thought that’d be silly.

When I dropped off everything to be shipped back, the guy asked why I was shipping it all, just to make conversation. I told him I’d accepted a new job so I had to ship stuff for the old job back and he said it was happening a lot lately. He also said that he would double check all my packages to make sure it was packaged securely, as he said if anything happened and they opened in transit, it was the staff there that would be blamed. I was surprised to hear that they would be the ones blamed, as they weren’t the ones to package it! So weird.

Anyway, my old company never contacted me after that so I assume they got it all back with no issues. I did get my final paycheck so I guess that’s that!

Started a New Job!

I started my new job this month too! I just finished my first week in my new job and I’m pretty impressed. My new boss had totally made it seem like there was no organization in the company in terms of training and templates and such but I found that it’s actually been pretty well put together. Not to the same extent as my most recent company, which had an amazing training program already, but it was still pretty good and planned out nicely. I did find that it moved a tad slowly for my taste but that was due to a few things. One, the other person starting with me is new to this so she needed more practice that I did in between training sessions. She’s learning fast and it’s nice to have downtime in between so that I can review other stuff I might be stuck on so it’s not an issue really though! Another is that they had a last minute cancellation for a big event that was supposed to happen in the next week or two and so there was a scramble to cancel those reservations that were coming up and our trainers had to take care of that, which is understandable.

In the next week I’m learning more stuff specialized to my role so the other gal that I started with and I will have separate trainings going forward more than likely. I am very excited to continue to learn and hopefully make some changes!

Home Life

I wanted to give a general update on my life at home. Since I had to disassemble my desk set up, I took the opportunity to clean up my home office quite a bit. I think I need a change soon in the layout anyway. I’m going to have to think a bit more about that but I do want to be able to have a more direct view out of the window. I also plan to do a new desk set up tour post like I did previously!

I also cleaned up the pantry! My mom is horrible at organization, so she’ll just stuff things she buys anywhere and there’s no order to the pantry. It drives my dad and I insane. It doesn’t have to be perfect or to the creepy level that people on TikTok or Instagram seem to organize, but we would appreciate some sort of system. I went through it all, threw out everything that was opened/expired, and organized it as best as I could. Unfortunately, my mom buys a lot of random stuff no one wants to eat but both my parents refuse to consider donating to food banks so I can’t get rid of anything before it expires and it’s such a waste! (They grew up poor so they have that scarcity mindset where they don’t want to get rid of stuff “just in case we need it” later.) I wish my mom would stop wasting food and money and be more mindful of what she buys, especially since I contribute to the groceries, but I’ve come to realize that I will need to move out and remember to be more mindful when I do. I have made great strides in making changes where I can though!

I continued to own my plant mom status by adopting a beautiful new monstera plant! I’ve named her Mollie the Monstera! I did repot Mollie as she had already outgrown her old pot, and she seems happy about that! I’m still learning her watering schedule but she seems to be happy currently.

And I’ve continued in my decluttering challenge! I had done a “daily” declutter in July, where I got rid of one thing for every day in July. (I didn’t do it on a daily basis actually, I would find bunches of stuff over the weekends and make sure it added to 31.) I decided to do the same in August and I did get to 31 items! And then I kept going and added another 21 items to the list LOL! I had considered just counting those 21 items as a “head start” for September but instead I’m counting those 52 items as all August and starting again with the count for September.

Active Life

I normally share this stuff in my Lively posts but I figured I’d add a bit here too in case anyone missed that post! First, I did another session at my local library for tai chi. I really enjoyed it and it much much better attended than last month when I was the only participant. It was such a hot day, so it was nice to do something that was slow and mindful too.

I continued my ballet class this month and have continued to enjoy it. I signed up for the next session already and our instructor said there was a new person signed up! We’re excited about that and meeting someone new. In our class we try really hard to make sure everyone feels welcomed and comfortable so that’ll be a priority going forward too. It’s to the point that we have everyone’s number and we have a group chat going, so that’s how friendly we all are!

One other thing I’ve done is that I took my puppy niece for a hike! There are a ton of nature preserves in my area and so I took her on one of the trails. She loved it! She was so happy and thrilled to be exploring somewhere new. She didn’t really understand trail etiquette as she wanted to walk on the wrong side a lot or right in the middle where the bikes would speed past. She was also resistant when I tried to pull her to the side of the trail quickly when I heard bikes coming or other people, so I had to practically drag her or pick her up a few times and she didn’t like that but it had to be done. Hopefully with practice she gets more used to it!

So that is an update on the adventures I’ve been up to lately! Hopefully you enjoyed reading about my adventures and can share some of your own in the comments!

Thanks for reading!


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