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My Lively August

Hello everyone! Today, I wanted to share an update on all my hobbies for August!

I have been up to quite a bit this month! I’m so excited to share all that I’ve been up to! This was helped along by the fact that I took a week off before starting my new job, so I had a lot of down time. Originally I was going to take off to Mexico for the week, since I basically would need to start my probation period at a new job over again in which I wouldn’t be able to take time off for another three months. But with the ongoing pandemic, I figured it wasn’t a smart idea. I am fully vaccinated but the US requires a negative Covid test to get back in the country three days before flying back in. I didn’t want to risk not being able to get back in time for my start date. I’m so sad an impromptu trip to Mexico didn’t work out, but I think it just wasn’t meant to be.

My Lively

Creative Fun


This month’s first DIY was so fun! It was dot art, where we took q-tips, dipped them into watercolor paint, and then painted on watercolor paper. It was so relaxing and so fun. Some people made really cute designs with butterflies and flowers, but I went with a more of a mosaic theme with mine. I like to sometimes “name” my “art” and pretend I’m just a really talented, undiscovered artist. Luckily my fellow DIYer’s still like me despite me being so extra about it. But I named this one “A Celebration of Summer”. I decided it looked maybe like what you would see at the bottom of a pool or maybe even fireworks, which everyone totally agreed with. Unfortunately, the second DIY was cancelled due to a storm in the area. We still aren’t allowed to do indoor programs at the library, so we couldn’t meet. The librarian said she’d pack up the project and let us pick it up to do at home, but it was still a little sad to think we couldn’t do it in person.


I’ve really enjoyed my bujo this month! I had a lot going on so it was easy to fill up the pages. I already want to go out and buy my next bujo for 2022 but I am going to make myself wait. I really want a certain color though, so hopefully I don’t get distracted when I do eventually go to buy it. I also did consider getting a more expensive journal like I see the fancy YouTubers get but those journals are over $30 and I usually get mine at a local chain craft store for about $6. Now, the pages are super thin and so it isn’t the best as the ink does bleed through sometimes, but I decided it’s not that serious haha.



As always, I’m listing all the books I’ve finished since the previous Lively post below with their star ratings. All thoughts on them are saved for future (or even past!) Mini Book Review posts but those will be linked below if so. I won’t include any books that I didn’t finish although I’ll be sure to add them into the review posts.

This month I read 6 books.

  • City of Heavenly Fire by Cassandra Clare, 3.25 stars *
  • The Little Book of Hygge by Meik Wiking, 3.5 stars *
  • My Creative Space by Donald M. Rattner, 4 stars *
  • Eleanor by David Michaelis, 4.25 stars *
  • Zero Fail by Carol Leonnig, 4.25 stars
  • My Life in France by Julia Child, 3.25 stars

* Indicates this book was reviewed in Ten Mini Book Reviews Pt. 13


First up is the Netflix comedy special Bo Burnham: Inside. I had been putting off watching this comedy special but after listening to the snippets on TikTok so much, I had to watch! I really loved how creative it was! Burnham commented that he had started to have panic attacks before performing in the past, so he had to quit. When he finally felt ready to return to the stage, the pandemic hit and he wasn’t able to return how he planned. Instead, he spent time in a small room creating a full comedy special, recording, filming, and doing everything on his own. I found it really interesting and loved the really cool commentary on our online lives.

I finally watched Legally Blonde for the first time ever. I had been meaning to watch it since Ariana Grande’s thank u, next music video. The movie felt really dated, not just with the fashion or tech, but also in how the story lines were presented. It felt like the film ended a little too abruptly too. Like, it almost got to the point at the end but then didn’t quite make it there. For example, Elle’s ex’s fiancee didn’t break up with the guy on screen, but rather it was an on screen text wrap up for her story line at their graduation. Also, Elle’s nail tech friend who I felt should have been called as a witness to testify for that perm thing instead of Elle spouting off the info. Now, I’m not a lawyer but I did do Mock Trial in high school so I was so confused why the judge let Elle act like she was an expert witness when she was supposed to be the attorney. Well, okay, I wasn’t. The reason was that it’s a movie and it was more dramatic but STILL. Anyway, it was a funny, lighthearted movie and I’m glad I finally watched it.

TV Shows

So, I’ll list the shows I’m rewatching really quickly. I won’t go on too much about them since I’ve already talked a lot about them in previous posts. (Although if you missed those, just know that I love these shows!)

  • Gilmore Girls – I started from the beginning again and I’m almost halfway through season two now. I had forgotten how fast the story moves at the start! Max came and went so many times and so quickly too. Honestly I am hardcore judging Lorelei for dumping Max, especially like that! He was honestly such a great guy. Also Jess has already arrived in Stars Hollow and for some reason I thought he didn’t come in until much later. Oh, this is only the second time I’m watching the series through by the way. I think since the episodes are quite short then it just feels like it’s all flying by.
  • Madam Secretary – I’m exactly halfway through season two and I’m really enjoying the rewatch! This show is also super fast paced and I love the family dynamics of the show just as much as the political drama of it all. At some point Elizabeth announces she’s heading off on another work trip and everyone kinda goes like “okay bye” and she comments on how quickly her new job got old for everyone. It’s great! I do also love how good the balance is between the big story arcs (such as Russia/Dimitri) and the more standalone stories that are wrapped up nicely in one episode are mixed together. I think the only story that started to get old was that there was a new cabinet member guy that really hated Elizabeth and was trying to get her fired or something. Oh, and since this is a rewatch, it’s also really funny watching Elizabeth struggle to get along with Russell Jackson, knowing he’ll eventually join her staff, or watching her staff struggle with Mike B, knowing they’ll all work together officially on her staff later too.
  • The Good Place – I’m only three episodes into season one of this rewatch, but I’m really enjoying it again. I am really only planning to watch maybe through season one but I might keep going if I feel like it. I just really enjoy watching Eleanor struggle to fit into the Good Place LOL!
  • Schitt’s Creek – also three episodes into season one here. I love watching the Roses struggle to adjust to live in Schitt’s Creek and see them start to develop their relationships in town and to each other. It’s also really funny to watch parts like Alexis calling everything “cute” because she thinks she’s getting out of town and David not understanding how credit cards work.
  • White Collar – I’ll put this one here although it’s half new, half re-watch. My dad got really into the show a few years back so I’d see random episodes but never sat and watched it all the way through. I’m about halfway through season one and I’m really enjoying it! It’s super fun and I can’t wait to continue to watch it. I do know a lot of what happens in the future seasons already so that’s sort of a bummer but there’s enough new stuff or stuff I hadn’t really paid attention to before that I’m catching now that I’m actually watching it.


I had to shout out the Try Guy’s videos on the Olympic’s YouTube channel! The Try Guys tried out a bunch of Olympic sports. Everything from long established Olympic sports, to newly added, to about to be added for future Olympics! I really loved watching the Olympians try to teach the Try Guys and the guys so eagerly trying them out. I really enjoyed all of them but I would highly recommend the rock climbing, rhythmic gymnastics, and the artistic swimming ones to really hook you in.


I listened to a few episodes of the MusicalSplaining podcast. I always love listening to the hosts discuss their thoughts on a musical and hear more about musicals that I’ve maybe not even seen!

I loved the 100th episode of the Ladies & Tangents podcast and several recent episodes of it too. This podcast never fails to make me laugh and I really should go listen to the early episodes. I do know the gals are taking time off as one of the hosts is having a baby soon, so maybe I’ll do that then!

I did also listen to an episode of This American Life after hearing about it on TikTok. The episode was named “Essential” and gosh, it was powerful. In the episode, several people who had been deemed as “essential” during the start of the pandemic spoke on their experiences. One of the people interviewed had been hired to fix up a school during the upcoming spring break when students would be home. Instead, he was asked to build coffins in the school’s gym in order to meet the demand. I was shocked by the thought of it and can’t even being to imagine how that must have felt. One phrase that kept coming up in the episode was “I didn’t know that happened” and I am sure we’ll all be learning about equally shocking stories for years to come.

Video Games

I don’t have much to share here besides Animal Crossing New Horizons! This month was Lopez’s birthday on the 20th, and I already had his photo but I wanted to wait to move him out until after his birthday. Caroline finally gave me her photo this month so she became ready to move out as well. They are basically the only two that I want to move out, although I might move out Bea at some point too. She’s just so cute and her house is beautiful too so that’s my delay on her. Most of my villagers I’ve decided not to move out so it does limit how often I get new villagers but I do like most of mine and so that’s why I haven’t been able to move them out.


I actually baked some cookies this month! I felt like I should do a sort of throw back to last summer when I was unemployed and able to bake every week. I mean, there’s really nothing stopping me from baking now either except being lazy. Since I haven’t baked anything in awhile, I didn’t have the ingredients I wanted to use stocked up anymore, like butter and almond flour. So i looked up a coconut flour chocolate chip cookie recipe! I did like the cookies a lot, but I felt that they were too soft, even after cooling down completely. My dad loved them though, since he’s a big fan of coconut. The cookies were super simple to make too so I was thrilled they were well received!

Active Life

Tai Chi

I went to my library’s tai chi class again this month! It was so fun! Last time I went, I was the only participant besides the librarian. This time, I was joined by seven others. It was nice, as the librarian did say that they would have not continued to hire the tai chi instructor next month if more people hadn’t shown up. Another librarian did reveal to me that the tai chi instructor is a bit expensive, so that’s why they couldn’t hire her if only one person was showing up. I will admit, the class progressed much, much slower than last time since we had to adjust for the group as a whole having to learn from scratch, but I didn’t mind as it was still really relaxing. Plus, it was really hot out so moving more slowly was nice in the heat.


As always, I’ve been walking my puppy niece 2-3 times a day. Usually, morning walkies is the long walkies while afternoon walkies and evening walkies are just around the park for potty. Since my puppy niece was feeling poorly for a bit, there were also a few 3-5am walkies added in.

camp cuddles summer 2021 pt 2 arya

We also did go on a hike at a nearby forest preserve! I think a lot of people got a kick out of seeing a little, happy Chihuahua dog on the trail since most other dogs were much larger. A lot of people commented on how cute and happy she looked! Unfortunately, I think the hiking harness (not the one pictured above) I put her in didn’t fit quite right so it ended up rubbing against her leg and she spent a lot of time licking it the next day, with her auntie apologizing over and over. But she seems to have forgotten all about her leg hurting now and she loved her hike! I want to take her for more hikes around the area but the problem I run into a lot is that I’m a single female on the trail and while I live in a relatively safe area, it still makes me a bit nervous! My dad went with us for this hike and although he ran ahead it was nice knowing he was in the same area and nearby with his phone on hand, ready if we needed him. We did go on a Sunday morning, so a lot of people were out on the trail though, including families so it did feel safe, but I would have been a lot more nervous if my dad hadn’t gone with us.


Originally we were supposed to be off for August for ballet, and we were actually okay with that because a few of us are injured (non-ballet related injuries, just previous injuries that were in need of attention and those dancers were told by their medical professionals not to take the August class). Those of us that were able to take class signed up and our instructor added new jumps for us, as there was no one new in class. We were also able to sign up for the fall session, which is finally a long session! I think it’s 12 weeks instead of the usual 8, which was a relief because it’s honestly so annoying to sign up so often. The website is not the most user friendly, so being able to put off signing up for a bit longer after having to sign up for three sessions so close together (Summer, August, and then Fall) is nice. However, that had some drama too. Apparently the fall session was published on the online catalog twice, in two different sections. That’s not the crazy part, one listing was under the dance section and the other I think was either in an adult specific section or an extra ad or something. But one of the other dancers was a bit of a Karen about it because she said the listings were both messed up. One listing had the wrong class length and was priced too cheaply. The other had the right class length but priced way over the actual price of the class. Both had the wrong code too. Honestly, I hadn’t even known it was up so I signed up after class once I knew it was available. I’m not going to lie, the price did shock me a bit because it was higher than normal, but that is because the class is longer. The price per class breakdown is the same as usual so I just paid and left it at that.

I did have to miss a class though because my puppy niece wasn’t feeling well, so I wanted to stay behind with her to be sure she didn’t have any accidents in the house. Unfortunately that meant that I had two weeks off in August because we already had a week where we didn’t have class due to the building getting deep cleaned. I was kinda sad about missing a class, not only because I love class but also because I paid for it too, but it is what it is and I just practiced a bit at home to make up for it!

So that’s what I’ve been up to! Let me know what kind of fun hobbies you’ve been practicing. I’d love to know!

Thanks for reading!


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