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Camp Cuddles Summer 2021 Pt. 2

Hello everyone! Today, I thought I’d share a part 2 for my Camp Cuddles adventure with my puppy niece!

I totally thought Arya would have headed home by now, but my sister has ended up leaving her here with her auntie for a bit longer, which I’m thrilled about! I love this little dog so much, and I think she loves Camp Cuddles. I wish she could tell me so I’d know for sure but, as my sister pointed out, she was so excited to jump into her carrier when my sister pulled it out and she saw me back when I went to pick her up so I think she was excited to get going! If you missed part 1, here it is!

Camp Cuddles Summer 2021 Pt. 2

I’ve tried to spend as much time as possible outside with the dog. We don’t have a fence though so I can’t let her off leash as I’m not sure she’d come back! She was originally found as a stray, so I’m sure she remembers that and does not want to go back to living without multiple beds and blankets, reliable food and treats, and a loving family but you never know!

She’s continued to be the best coworker ever! She will sleep in her bed next to my desk all day. She does get confused when the end of the day is though. So when I had a set schedule for my old job, I would work until 4:30pm. However, her grandpa would come home from work anywhere from 3:30pm to 5pm so she would get really confused if he came home early and I wasn’t done or if I was done before he came home and he wasn’t around to greet her downstairs. I also think some of the confusion came from the word “work” itself. I would tell her constantly “auntie has to work” so I think she understood in a way that “work” was me sitting at a computer (or “glowy box” as my sister calls it) and her sleeping next to me. But if I said “Grandpa’s at work” or “Grandpa’s back from work” she’d get confused about where “work” is. Whoops! My sister also works outside the home so the dog probably thinks I’m the weirdo and lazy one HAHA.

I’m not too sure what the dog could have gotten into, but Arya did get a little sick recently! She ended up having to go on emergency potty trips outside, so I ended up leaving her collar and harness on in the house, even though she’s normally nakey when she’s inside. I found that it really helped get her outside so much faster but I was worried it would be too uncomfortable for her. She quickly started snoozing anyway though so clearly it wasn’t so bad. I did end up skipping a ballet class though because she was still having emergencies and I didn’t want to risk her having an accident while I was gone.

camp cuddles summer 2021 pt 2 arya

Arya has had a lot of fun walking around the subdivision! It’s been hard to get her outside for long walkies because it’s been so hot so I try to take her early in the morning so it won’t be so hot. She’s met many other dogs around the subdivision during this time! She’s met a few human neighbors as well. I want to take her to the beach again and a few trails around the area, but the fact that I’m a woman on my own makes me a tad nervous to take her. I was off all this past week so I really wanted to take her out but again, I was just too nervous to do so on my own! I wouldn’t even be that nervous if it was JUST me, but with the dog I just worry something would happen to her! Plus, as I mentioned earlier, it’s been so hot so by the time more people are out, I worry it’ll be too hot for the dog too.

camp cuddles summer 2021 pt 2 arya

One more sleepy dog picture! I like this one because it looks like she’s holding her own paw in her sleep! Anyway, I did take her to get groomed recently so she smells so good! I keep sniffing her and I think it confuses her. She hates car rides and hates baths so none of that was fun for her at all. She was shaking like crazy the entire time and started crying when we got to the parking lot. But she got a Starbucks Pupcup afterwards and ate about half of it so she seemed to forgive me.

I’m still loving having the little dog around! It’s so nice having a little buddy here to spend time with and to snuggle. I keep telling my sister she can leave her forever if she wants! My sister did say she did not want to leave her forever but she would be staying a tad longer, so yay!

Thanks for reading!


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