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Daily Declutter Challenge

Hello everyone! Today, I thought I’d share a bit of a spontaneous daily declutter challenge I did in July.

The reason for it is that I came to the realization the doing a big decluttering once or twice a year wasn’t enough and I needed to make it a more constant thing. So I decided the get rid of one thing per day. I didn’t really keep to the daily part of it, just tried to make sure I had gotten rid of 31 things by the end of the month.

Also, I typically do my coffee chats as the first post of the month but this month I have something exciting to share and I can’t do that just yet. There’s something I have to do before I post it so it’ll be up on Wednesday.

Daily Declutter Challenge

So, as I mentioned, I didn’t do this “daily” but more like “weekly”. I meant to do it daily but then when I would find something to declutter I would end up finding more things to get rid of as I went along so I would end up with a week’s worth of stuff. So here’s a little list of everything I’ve decluttered!

  1. Old paper shopping bags – I still had so many even though I haven’t shopped in ages. I tossed them into the recycling bin.
  2. Unused plastic utensils – so when I worked in an office I once bought a box of plastic utensils. I ended up using all the forks and spoons, but didn’t use the knives. I finally admitted I had no use for them although I felt terrible about that.
  3. Extra blue light glasses – back when I worked in an office I had an “office pair” and a “home pair”. Now that I work from home, I didn’t need two pairs so I gave one to my mom, as she mentioned she wanted a pair too.
  4. Extra tote bags – I had so many of these even though I rarely use tote bags. I’ve been stuffing them of stuff I’m giving away to try to keep stuff organized and will not want the totes back after!
  5. Old containers – I went through a phase where I wanted to learn to paint with watercolors so I had a ton of old containers I’d grabbed from the kitchen to use as water cups. I finally admitted I have no talent for painting and no time to try to gain those skills so I tossed them.
  6. Old school supplies – I had stuff like crayons and a stapler that I literally never use! So I put them all together and have been meaning to give them to a teacher I’ve met through the library book club. I keep forgetting the stuff though, because I work until 4:30 and then book club starts at 4:45 and it takes me a good 17 minutes to get out the door and to the library so I’m always already running so late. I need to put them in the car ahead of time this month!
  7. Old art supplies – some of these are going to my librarian friend who does the DIYs like paint brushes. Other stuff is going to the aforementioned teacher.
  8. Extra grey t-shirt – I don’t even look good in grey but I had two grey t-shirts. I kept the comfier of the two and put the other into a bag for donations.
  9. Pink top – I gave a pink top to my mom as I have way too many tops and most of them are pink. It was a peplum shape which isn’t too flattering on me.
  10. Black and white shirt – I honestly don’t remember what shirt this was… I think it’s in the donation bag.
  11. Black and white workout top – I don’t remember this one either. Clearly, I don’t miss it!
  12. Red romper – I love rompers but I wasn’t wearing this one as much anymore so I tossed it into the donation bag.
  13. Red and black thing – my mom gave it to me and I think she said it was for lint? I don’t even remember and I never wanted it anyway but my mom loves to do this thing where she insists on giving me random stuff I don’t want or need. I put it in the donation bag.
  14. Old towels – I noticed my towels were looking so old and I’d already bought replacements so I tossed the older ones and got out the new!
  15. Blue striped sleeveless top – I loved this top but it looks so big on me so I finally donated it.
  16. Blue halter top – I don’t even like halter tops!
  17. Light blue sleeveless top – I liked this one but I wore it so often that I’m bored of it.
  18. Black Guess cross body bag – I loved the small size of it and it was such a great bag but the faux leather of the strap was flaking off so it was time to get rid of it.
  19. Pink Handkerchief tank – I hate the handkerchief print so I don’t know why I kept this so long.
  20. Yellow sleeveless top – I loved it because it reminded me of Belle’s dress but I rarely wear it because I don’t like wearing yellow. So I decided to donate it.
  21. Blue and black handbag – I have way too many handbags and my mom always admired this one so I gave it to her.
  22. Maroon handbag – this was a small cross body bag and I loved how it looked but I had two maroon bags, so I gave this one to my mom.
  23. Grey tank top – I don’t ever wear tank tops so it had to go.
  24. Blue crop top – I don’t ever wear crop tops either!
  25. Beige tank top – same thing.
  26. Blue tank top – same thing.
  27. Black tank top #1 – same thing.
  28. Black tank top #2 – same thing.
  29. Black sequin top – I think I’ve worn this maybe once or twice in the literal decade I’ve owned it. I donated it.
  30. Grey sequin top – same thing.
  31. Blue vase – I originally wanted my home office to be an ocean theme but I never followed through with a theme. I finally donated this!

So that is what I decluttered in July! I didn’t think it was too much until I got to typing it all out and realized that it was a pretty good amount of stuff! Unfortunately, even though it’s “decluttered” it’s still in my house because I forget to take it where it needs to go (those art/school supplies!) but I will prioritize that in August!

Thanks for reading!


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