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My July Life

Hello everyone! Today, I’m sharing what’s been going on in my life recently!

my july life 2021 featured image

It’s been a pretty good month, I have to admit! A perfect blend of peace and adventure if I do say so myself. Before I go on though, I did want to say that I’ve pretty much “retired” the favorites section of this post. I might add it back if there is something I really want to share, but honestly I don’t have many new favorites. So I just removed it rather than repeat my favorites or struggle to find something. But enough about that. Here’s what I’ve been up to!

My July Life

Catching Up with Former Coworkers

A few of my former coworkers and I got together recently for a catch up session. We were set to have a bigger group but some people ended up having to work pretty last minute. But the ones that were able to make it had a good time! It was nice to catch up with people and hear what everyone was up to.

5K with the Sister

I attended a local 5k run! As a spectator, not as a participant. My sister signed up for a local 5k and so I drove out with my puppy niece to see her. My puppy niece was super confused what we were doing and what was going on but she just about lost it when she saw my sister. She tried to run after her despite me frantically telling her we were not participating. When my sister was done, Arya was overjoyed to spend time with her mom! My sister did decide to leave Arya a bit longer with me. This was good news for me but my puppy niece was lowkey devastated that my sister left without her. Eventually the puppy was fine, but she did spend most of the day really sad that my sister didn’t come back for her.

Beach Day at Camp Cuddles

camp cuddles summer 2021 Arya

As I shared recently, Camp Cuddles hosted a beach day! My puppy niece had a great time sniffing around and exploring the beach. Well technically exploring the trail next to the beach because she’s not allowed on the actual beach itself.

Oh, fun story on Camp Cuddles that happened recently! Arya has made so many friends. Her usual buddy, Remy the Yorkie, was adopted by a new family but came back for a visit with her old family who are some of my neighbors. Arya and Remy were thrilled to see each other. Arya also recently met Cookie, an 8 week old German Shepard puppy who is already at least twice her size. Cookie was sort of scared of Arya because Cookie isn’t used to meeting dogs yet. Arya then met Phoenix, who I think might be a sort of Boxer mix? Phoenix booped Arya’s head trying to play and Arya DID NOT like that. Arya growled at Phoenix! I’m sure if they meet again they’ll be good friends though but I love that I am finally meeting the neighborhood dogs. And their owners I guess. LOL.

Airport Update

You might be thinking, wtf do you mean “airport update”? Well I’m kind of an airport lover because I just love to travel, and recently I dropped my mom off as she is going on a trip to visit her dad (her sister is their dad’s primary caregiver and needed a break so my mom is stepping in). Our preferred airport is Chicago O’Hare. They’ve been having major renovations to their people mover and parking lots but as we haven’t travelled since early 2020 (pre-pandemic, albeit just barely), we hadn’t seen the updates. The people mover is still not ready but the parking lot is so fancy. The first floor is pretty much only car rentals but next three floors are parking (I think, some may be the car rentals lots) and feature those green/red lights that show where there is an available spot. Mexico City’s airport has had them for forever so it was nice to see Chicago get that update! The top floor (fifth) is open so you can see the airport and since we were there late at night, it was beautiful with all the lights! Sort of impractical for the winter months, if you ask me, but no one did so there you go.

Active Life

I thought I’d recap some of my activities really quickly here too, even though I did share them in my recent lively post. Specifically, I wanted to talk about Tai Chi though. I tried it for the first time recently through my library and I found it really cool! I thought it was similar to yoga but less intimidating as there weren’t crazy positions. It was really cool and thoughtful movement though, and I totally felt that it was such an energizing and grounding practice. I would highly recommend you try it out if you have the chance.

Home Life

I thought I would add a little bit about my home life here too! Now, I think I will do a whole separate post on this but in July I decided to do a “daily declutter” sort of challenge with myself where I would get rid of one thing (at least) a day. I didn’t do it as an actual daily thing, I would go around my stuff every few days and pick up a handful of stuff to declutter though. I did greatly enjoy doing this, especially when doing laundry and realizing I didn’t really want to continue to keep stuff or giving my mom a handbag that she’s admired for awhile. I am loving the decluttering experience by doing this so I might continue this in August. I didn’t plan to do a post on this, so I don’t have photos of stuff I got rid of, but I think I’ll still share the list!

Book Club

Lastly, I did have book club this month! I meant to take my puppy niece but it was so hot out and she was a tad distracting last time so I left her at home. Apparently she threw a bit of a tantrum when I left without her. Poor gal! But book club was super interesting. We read a book on 9/11 and it was so interesting to learn about everyone’s experiences. Most of the people were older, the librarian and I were the only 30 somethings, and then the youngest was 22 so we all had such different experiences. While we were chatting I did ask them bc for most of my generation it was such a big perspective change and I was wondering if there had been other events that were equally as impactful in their lives that maybe us younger folks didn’t quite understand how big they were at the time. Other events they mentioned were the Challenger disaster, JFK’s assassination, and things like that. It was really interesting to hear that and hear everyone’s recollections of the day (or lack there of for the then 2 year old!) and the years that followed.

So that is what I’ve been up to! Let me know what adventure you had recently. I’d love to know!

Thanks for reading!


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