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Indoor Plant Garden

Hello everyone! Today, I thought I’d share some updates on my indoor plants!

indoor plant garden featured image

For the most part they seem to be doing well, but some of them have had recent struggles. It doesn’t help that I’m a terrible Plant Mom and sometimes don’t stick to their watering schedule. Whoops! But here is how they are doing!

Frida the Fiddle Leaf Fig

indoor plant garden frida

Frida the Fiddle Leaf Fig is my first and favorite plant (don’t tell the others!). Frida was doing really well, she was flourishing beautifully for the first half of the year. Figs are notoriously difficult to care for so I was really proud of myself! Frida was regularly growing leaves (albeit small leaves) and seemed to be doing really well after a rough patch last year. But then I was moving her to repot her and her pot slipped from my arms and she crashed forward onto the ground. Several leaves snapped right off and more dropped off in the days that followed. I apologized many, many times and she seems to be recovering very well but I still feel terrible and some of her damanged leaves that didn’t drop are getting worse so I might just cut them off so her strength can go to the healthy remaining leaves and her new leaves (which she is growing new leaves!).

Glinda the Calathea

indoor plant garden glinda

Glinda is my second plant, a Calathea. They can also be difficult to care for but she was doing really, really well. However, she also had a rough patch and unfortunately hasn’t recovered. She lost most of her leaves and is slowly losing the remaining leaves. She only has three good ones left and is trying to hold on so I’m still hopeful she’ll make it but so far it doesn’t look good for her.

Elphaba the Calathea

indoor plant garden elphaba

Elphaba, my third plant, is also a Calathea, but a different variety. Elphaba also went through the same rough patch that Glinda did but had a complete opposite reaction. She bounced back really, really well. She still loses a leaf every so often, but she is growing new leaves constantly. I just repotted her and I think I might have to do so again soon because she really is growing so quickly. She’s doing so, so well!

Sasha the Snake Plant

indoor plant garden sasha

Sasha is a fairly new plant. I wanted an easy to care for plant for my bedroom and everyone says Snake Plants are really easy. My bedroom is such a dark room so I did want something that would do well in low light so Sasha seems like a good fit! Sasha is a tiny plant though and I’m hoping she’ll grow as most of the time I forget she’s there because she’s so small. I’m sure I wouldn’t have this issue if I was a minimalist though.

Fran the Fern

indoor plant garden fran

Fran is the newest plant! She is an unidentified fern. She was mislabelled when I found her in Target, and even though I’ve Googled the Target Mother’s Day plant selection list, the supplier’s website, and many other sites that sell common ferns, I can’t really pinpoint what she is. I thought maybe a blue star fern I think it was called, but the description of that plant didn’t fully match what Fran looks like. It is so strange that I can’t easily find what type she is but she is like Elphaba right now, rapidly growing new leaves and quickly outgrowing her new pot.

So those are my indoor plants! I think I’ve reached the limit to how many plants I can handle, to be honest. I don’t really mean in terms of attention I can give, but in terms of the fact that I am trying to downsize my belongings and I feel like I already have too many plants. I have noticed that the urge to buy plants tends to hit me hardest in the spring, so at least I don’t have to worry about that until next year!

Thanks for reading!


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