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Fruit Trees in my Garden

Hello everyone! Today, I wanted to share the fruit trees that are in my garden!

Now, they don’t all actually provide fruit yet because they are so new. But I figured I’d share them anyway because I love them all the same!

So here are the fruit trees!

To start, there are three pretty large peach trees. They do provide peaches usually, but this year there was a late frost so one of the trees didn’t provide any peaches. The two that are growing peaches don’t have too many but they’re hanging in there!

There are also two cherry trees. One is a tiny baby cherry tree, and the other is much larger. The larger one seems to be thinking about providing cherries but it hasn’t yet. Hopefully next year!

I bought a little plum tree this year. It’s way too small to provide plum yet but I’m excited for when it does.

And lastly, a pear tree! Also a new addition so it hasn’t provided fruit yet, but it’s pretty big already so maybe next year?

I do hope we have more homegrown fruit soon! Veggies are much easier to grow, I’ve learned. But fruit trees are also so nice to have, so fingers crossed we get some fruit too!

Thanks for reading!


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